What type of orgasm is this?

I have seen online both in blogs and some online (usually bdsm/femdom) porn that a guy can be 'made' to orgasm by the use of a wand (without any attachment) or other high powered vibrator on the upper shaft of the penis by the glands. No stroking or anal stimulation is required.

The limited bit I have seen of this suggests a type of ruined or unfulfilled orgasm but I could be wrong.

Has anyone tried this either on themselves or on their partner?

Yes, we've done this.

The vibrations from the wand are deep and rumbly and althoug different in nature, have teh same affect as any other penile stimulation. Keeping the wand on the penis will result in a regular ejaculatory orgasm. Removing it at teh key moment (a few seconds prior to orgasm) will cause an ejaculation but with significantly reduced orgasmic delight.

I've tried this on my partner numerous times, I don't think he see's it as a ruined orgasm at all. He thoroughly enjoys it and it's something we do regularly, sometimes because he's taking longer than usual and wants to orgasm faster and sometimes because I'm simply too tired for penetrative sex and he doesn't want to masturbate. I guess it can be a ruined orgasm, but it would depend on the situation and people involved.

Generally known as a ruined orgasm when the wand is removed just at the point where he can't stop himself however by removing the stimulation it should feel considerably less intense. A tactic used in a lot of femdom/chastity videos.

Thanks for all your replies.

Should we call them wand-gasms? Viberections?