What type of person did you or do like?

I was just wondering what it was that attracted you to your current partner, or what you look for in a partner.
I liked Ladies who were very girly, but I also like girls who were-as we used to call them-“Tom Boy’s” I hope I have not offended anyone using that term, when I was younger some girls liked that term but things have changed so I apologise for any offence.
It meant that if I got a girl in a headlock she would know how to get out of it, I am joking I never did that.
I was primarily always attracted to Women who held their own, yet I liked women who were girly girls. I did a lot of Boxing, Judo and met a lot of females who did the same, it was nice for various reasons, non sexual.
As said, what was it that made you attracted to your current partner? Or if single do you look for anything in particular?
Hope I have asked this question without causing any offence to any one.


I quite like that, but them holding mine is good too.


Honestly confidence. I know it’s often the wrong thing to look for in a long term relationship but I’ve always been attracted to the cocky, confident guy with the good chat. Yeh, a six pack and handsome face help but the confident chat is the biggest turn on.

My OH has it, luckily it progressed from the one nighter to more than a decade :rofl:.

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I was the typical ‘bad boy’ follower.

I also never wanted to ‘settle down’ so spent a lot of my younger years going from man to man :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:
As soon as they started mentioning ‘girlfriend/boyfriend’ I was off out the door faster than toast popping!!

I didn’t want any of the commitment, was in no way ready for any of it.

Then I met my husband, whilst I was on a date. He was funny and charming in a quirky way. My date became obnoxious and rude. Yes he had more muscles, yes he showered me in presents and paid for everything, yes he was ssssooooo good looking and more mature etc etc. But he was a b*llend too. He knew he was all those things and used to ‘square up’ to anyone closer to my age who was interested.

It was such a turn off.
He was really p*ssed the night I met my husband. Mostly because I left him at the club and went home with the ‘randomer’ :rofl::grimacing:

Luckily my husband is just enough of the suave and sophisticated outside the bedroom for me. And I’m just enough sensible and well-to-do for him.
In the bedroom is a different story :rofl::woman_facepalming:t2::heart_eyes:

So what I was all about when I was younger is NOTHING compared to what I am married to now.
But I wouldn’t change my journey for anyone or anything :heart:


I don’t know what UK term is but my friend from the US calls them jock types. The guys who look after themselves, at the gym, surfer type guys.

But that’s exactly what I ended up with. His 6 pack is a nice bonus :wink:


I love women with dark short hair and the cute tomboy look, when I look back most of my long term girlfriends and my OH fit that look exactly. I’ve had feminine girlfriends but they were always short relationships, never had a blonde haired partner.
My FBF is very pretty and I tell so, she originally felt uncomfortable with me telling her as she thought for me to think she was pretty meant I fancied her, when I explained the look I like she got it, I appreciate pretty women but prefer cute handsome girls.


Wouldn’t say I would be attracted to any particular type of woman but eyes and a smile do it for me

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My OH’s most standout qualities are his kindness and calmness - that’s what mostly attracted me to him. I get a bit anxious and stressed at times but when he’s around, he absorbs me into his bubble of calm and makes everything better. He’s perpetually good natured. He also doesn’t evoke jealousy (not that I’m a jealous person); I remember a time at the cinema where he was queuing for tickets while I bought snacks, and I turned around to see 2 younger girls flirting with him… I stood there laughing while he nervously counted change and did the polite nod-and-smile until he could escape to the desk.

Looks-wise, my younger self would always have gone for blonds with blue eyes, but he’s the opposite :woman_shrugging: More of a Josh Hartnett type.

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I dont actually have a type, I like whoever I get on with, This is going to sound different what does catch my eye is ears O and I do like the goth look.

I don’t think I have a type, the things that attracted me to my partner

  1. Someone who has got their s@*& together
  2. Kindness, understanding, patience
  3. Creativity

Advice for all men! - treat her like you adore her!


How to pin down my ‘type’? :thinking:
Steely determination, intelligence, kindness & empathy are all very attractive for me.
And hot boobs and booty too!

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Looks, personality and sense of humour, although looks are nothing without a nice personality. I know people who’s OH looks great, but personality-wise they’re a nightmare.


I like a lady with that isn’t domineering but also won’t take no :poop: nice curves and nice personality.


Lady has to be ‘natural’ for me, fun personality, sense of humour and good looking…. Like the girl next door with a very naughty side underneath! Prefer short hair, love a lady’s neck. Cameron Diaz sums it up for me :joy:


I hope the word Tomboy doesn’t get the woke wash as I’m someone who identifies as one and I don’t like any of the other terms, haha :sweat_smile:

I go for nerdier guys who are more into board/video games and movies than ones who are into partying and sports for example.

My partner has always been mature for his age and I feel I can trust/depend on him more than anyone else. He’s been the only stable thing in my unstable life and I dread to think what my life could have been like without him.


I like dark hair and blue eyes looks wise. From a personality perspective I like intelligence, kindness, a progressive outlook and a bit of a wild streak :+1:

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I’m more attracted to women younger than myself, also curvy, chubby and plus size women too.
I also love a woman that has long hair, nice feet and toes, preferably shares all or most kinks etc as myself but if not, is wanting to learn and try new things.
Especially love a woman that loves/enjoys to dress up, even better if she loves wearing tights and heels too.

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