What underwear would you wear with leggings

What underwear goes best with leggings?


I’d suggest either none or a discreet g string?


Depending on the quality of the leggings, you might need some proper granny panties or get away with a thong!

I’ve seen some ones that are like tights recently… Soooo see through :joy::joy::joy:


If you are not after a VKL - thong / string

Or those without elastic in / or none…

When I wear leggings I always make sure my top goes past my bum :joy: I hate my bum and thighs so I cover them with a long top. And I don’t wear any underwear with leggings and you wouldn’t be able to tell anyway.


A thong or those invisible/seamless panties.


@simon87 I’d recommend the same :ok_hand:

Need to know more… What is the rest of the outfit and what do you consider “leggings”? In Canada we call leggings a really long sock, not like nylons or pantyhose where it is one-piece. Totally different outfit…

If they are just long socks with a skirt I’d want to see a booty short with a g-string under it… or some nice cotton high cuts that shows some camel toe in the front… :wink:

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None! Hah. But I feel much more comfortable with no underwear on generally these day and when I need some I go for the ugliest granny style undies for the comfort.

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For me it’s a g-string as even a thong will show lines and I don’t want to go completely without undies.

I know you ladies work hard at disguising the dreaded VPL but don’t really understand why if I’m honest.
Bra straps and cups show through T shirts and thin tops etc. Some straps are even on show over the shoulders when worn with a vest type top. I don’t see the difference and there’s often no attempt to hide those.
I love the look of both. Not in a creepy way.
I just like to see a VPL, thong or knickers, through a pair of tight leggings or trousers and a nice brightly coloured bra strap is dead sexy to me.
I’d love to hear from others who agree and also from any ladies who don’t.


@Joe_90 For me, it’s just my comfort and preference… If my undies are looser than the pants or leggings I’m wearing, I won’t be comfortable. I personally don’t like the look of a panty line (on myself) when wearing something tight, so even if some people think it’s sexy, I’ll still go with what I prefer… but on the other hand, l just found out in the camel toe thread that people think camel toe is sexy, and I’ve been covering it up for my whole life being embarrassed about it even though it’s not physically uncomfortable for me, but now I won’t be opposed to letting it out… So again, comfort and personal preference :woman_shrugging:


Leggings are tight fitting trousers (pants for you American/ Canadians I think?) usually worn for exercise. I think you’d probably call them yoga or gym pants?

Well in that case, nothing…lol.


Do you really call them “Yoga Trousers”? Or are all LuLu Lemon style “trousers” considered leggings?

No, we call them leggings! But I’ve seen them called yoga pants in American stores. What you call pants we call trousers. In the UK “pants” is an underwear item!

Just had to Google “LuLu Lemon”! If they are skin tight then we call them leggings.

I’d say thong thong just so your pant line doesn’t show but I rarely wear leggings.

OK, so to be clear, here is my take on it as a man with a fairly vanilla view of women’s leg coverings:

  1. Leggings are tight fitting workout gear style “pants” - requires no underwear
  2. Stockings are either thigh-high nylon-style with a elastic top or held on by a garter belt (these should be crotchless and if not they should go over the garters, not under for ease or removal and penetration). I like no panties and if you are in full lingerie with garters I want the majority of that on my OH while we are having sex. Unless it is removed through strip tease or some other means, leave it on and it better be bright in the room so I can see my beautiful snack.
  3. Stockings can also be long “socks” that are thicker and built for under a cheerleader style or schoolgirl outfit. These would require a cotton panty or less…
  4. I also like the booty-style shorts where the bottom of the ass cheek hangs out a bit but gives a bit of a lift. I think on the LH site they are called “boy shorts” or something. I like those…
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A thong?!

I’d say it all depends on what you want to achieve. Me personally I wear what ever underwear I grab out of the drawer that day haha.