What Was That?

Did we just have a blackout on the forum? I thought my internet had gone down! No access via any device or the app! Could still access the store though!

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Yeah I was the same, tried on laptop and phone, must have been technical issues.

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Yes @VanillaWithSprinkles the little icons for “latest” etc are missing from next to my avatar pic too!

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Ah yes I can see what you mean. Not fully functioning again yet haha but we’ll make do.

@Willc I thought it was me to mate ?

Some of my icons are missing too (edit and bookmark).

And Search and the Hamburger menu too

As if 2020 wasn’t bad enough! :wink:

Mine’s back again now but it’s slightly different.

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Eeep! What is everyone missing/is different?

@Lovehoney_Brenna, everything seems back to normal now Brenna, the three horizontal lines next to avatar were missing but are now back, plus if i clicked on where they were, the menu still popped up! :slight_smile:

If you find anything else is missing please let me know!

Will do! :slight_smile:

my bars are still missing

Try logging out, and logging back in again. :+1:



I had to log back in and everything seems intact and fine :blush:

It’s a sign of the apocalypse i tell ya! :wink:

My menus are out of alignment. Is it possible to shrink the icon column on the left to create more space for the notification/Bookmark text?

Could you send me a screenshot please? :slight_smile:

I’ve had the hamburger disappear a few times since the change, but clicking where it should be has always worked.