What would you do (domination related)


Me and my girlfriend have been exploring me dominanting her more and more as she has always said it is something she enjoys. Now it doesnt come naturally to me but i do enjoy it.

However i never know when to initiate something, i know the whole point of being dominent is just doing it but i struggle knowing if im going too far.

So here's my situation my girlfriend loves me all dressed up (suit&tie) and i have an interview tomorrow so i will be dressed up so i was thinking of taking advantage.

Something like sending a few naughty text messages and arranging to meet up after i finish the interview. I was planning a bit of spanking and telling her to see how much i missed her, whilst unbottoning my trousers etc..

Only trouble its the wrong time of month for her, but its been a good 2 weeks since we have seen each other due to work commitments.

We do sometimes do stuff whens shes on but not always.

Would this come across as too much and not fair or should i not even be considering this with the whole domination thing?

What would you do?

Just seize the moment and send a text saying she has to be at a set location, set time, (your home etc) no excuses.

As you greet her at the door (suited and booted) roughly get her coat off if she`s wearing one, get her in the shower and have rough quick sex, get her in the bedroom and blindfold her, try some nipple clamping, restrain her wrists together in front and then tie her to the bed headboard, on all fours, rope her knees, legs wide-ish but not too uncomfortable and get her reasonably immobile, if your not that easy with hand slapping use a paddle, having sex even at as you say "the wrong time of the month" can be an added "i dont care, I`m having you come what may" may add a bit of spice, from your post your just about getting started and she is maybe more sexually experienced and a bit less inhibited, your plan to send some sexy texts and try a bit of mild spanking isnt what she wants or needs, dont worry about "going too far", agree a safe word, she`ll let you know if your going too far lol

Youve not seen each other for two weeks because of work commitments ?? thats a bit sad but if true then you need to throw caution to the wind and get things moving and make hay while the sun shines lol

Have you gone anywhere near doing or trying anal on special occasions like wrong time of the month or even as another facet of her being dominated ? no holes barred etc ? talk to her about what she wants, what she`s maybe enjoyed in past relationships, be prepared to have your horizons expanded, the more you see her enjoying your actions, the more you`ll enjoy it too and try different things.

Check out LH domination kits and have fun.

You have the advantage that she is more than keen, she`s already said its something she enjoys so just dive in.

Just because its her time of the month you can still do other things , go for it try it she still has a mouth it maybe that she will be a little frustated but you never know she might enjoy it .

Be confident relax have fun

Its true as above, be confident relax have fun.

You both enjoy it, and if you are dominating her you set the rules, that is part of the game and part of the whole experience (obviously don't go nuts).

Good luck!