What wouldn't you do if your OH asked

Theres some similar threads but, replying to “is a penis attractive” it got me thinking that if my partner ever suggested mmf and during that session told me to suck his and take it up my bum because she would get off on it. Would i do it… Personally ,I wouldnt ever think of it as a suggestion, but if it happened and she asked i have to be honest and say i would. Just because it would be her pleasure. Got me thinking if theres anything i wouldnt do… Is there anything youd say no to ??


To be honest I don’t think there is anything that would be an immediate No for either of us. We will try any thing suggested at least once as you never know until you try. There are a few things we do where the act in it’s self doesn’t necessarily get us off, but the enjoyment and pleasure for the other is amazing.

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Have a joint bank account - wouldn’t do that! :rofl:


Definitely rimming, I wouldn’t do that, I’m not keen on putting my any of my fingers near a bum hole either.

Agreeed. Don’t understand rimming…
Each to their own I suppose.

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would never want to bring a 3rd into the bedroom

even with grand dreams of FFM, practically… i like to put as much effort into my partner as it is, yet alone trying to please another!

pee, poop and blood kinks have always been ruled out of our bedroom too :slight_smile:

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W/S, scat, blood a big no.

But if for ever reason we were in MMF and wife asked me to suck the other guy off I would.

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I dont think there is anything I wouldn’t try apart from scat……… the OH is a little more reserved than I am but there really isn’t many boundaries :joy: how can you say you don’t like something unless you’ve tried it :man_shrugging:t3:

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I didnt know what scat was. Feel a bit naïve but hey ho its all for the learning… Ive thought about it and i defo wouldnt poo on her, but i might pee on her if she asked. If she got stung by a jelly fish id piss on her, so fuck it… why not !!!

I would never try anything involving another man. I’m only interested in ladies.

Apart from scat I’d have a go at anything she asked.


I can only apologise for Introducing you to that deep dark area of questionable antics :grimacing::astonished::joy:

Lol… no worries, i get the concept, just didnt get the scat bit… what does it stand for anyway is it like Shit, cum and fuck knows what the T stands for ???

Rimming is the only thing I would not do

I’m very open minded and so is my husband and we always push each others lines - we have done practically everything - but my fav bits are

  • oral sex is better than vaginal intercourse
  • lingerie is an absolute must
  • cock rings do work
  • dominating in the bedroom
  • cock sucking is just lush
  • pegging him - what a buzz
  • clitoral vibrators - what an invention
  • stocking and suspenders

We have a spreadsheet of virtually every sexual act and kink that we mark yes, no or maybe against. It allows us to look at what both definately will do or not do or things we can experiment with. Theres not many hard nos on there but watersports, scat and blood play are all a resounding no from us both. More or less everything else is yes or maybe so yet to try. We review it every so often and change as appropriate as what we like now may become a hard no or something on the maybe list gets tried and then moves into the hell yes or absolutely not list!!


We have spoke in length before at most sexual stuff, adding other people is a no, so that rules put alot of stuff of the same sex etc.
I know she isnt into putting body parts into bums, so fingers or rimming.
Scat & water sports etc are a solid no
Im mostly up for trying moat stuff, but i need to know truat is there & feel comfortable


Scat in the sex world is just a slang word rather that an acronym for anything.
Scat as a noun though is actually the word used for animal droppings or musically you can scat sing which is improvised jazz singing. :blush:

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Actually no idea in all honesty :joy: not sure I want to know either :joy:

Ok… I revise our previous post……scat is a hard no :face_with_peeking_eye::sweat_smile:

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We’ve both spoken about what we’d love to try and what we wouldn’t. The things that we wanted to try, we’ve done them.

But there’s stuff that we don’t.

Me rimming him
Plugs on him
Bringing in someone else, big no for the both of us.
Switching the dom/sub roles, we love it just the way it is.
Dirty talk about others while we’re in the middle of something.
And poo

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