What wouldn't you do if your OH asked

I’m with you on that, no more joint accounts!

If it were mmf and she asked me to do anything with the other person involved in would tell her to f off , I’m straight and wouldn’t dream of doing anything like that with a man , if you do , you are obviously confused about your sexuality?

Theres not really a lot that I wouldn’t do.
I wouldn’t arrange a 3some but if we were in a club and both feeling it, then possibly. But my worry is that I’d overthink it afterwards and ruin it for myself. We’ve had the conversation about warching people in a club, possibly being watched but not sharing each other with anyone else. We’re both on the same page but I know if I showed interest in me being with a woman, he’d happily watch. I would love to have 3somes with him but I also know I live in my head :man_facepalming:t2:

We love needles and knives but I’m definitely not getting nailed to anything. I can’t see him suggesting this, but that would be a no.

And poop. He wouldn’t ever ask for this and neither would I.

Some of the wild Urban Dictionary things like a Portuguese Breakfast, wouldn’t be doing that either​:no_good_man:t2:I’m not wrecking my pH balance for anyone!

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I think it would depend on the moment and time in our lives. To me it is all about communication and boundaries.


You can have sex with someone without being attracted to them, it doesn’t mean you have to question your sexuality.

@JoCat when I see phrases like “Portuguese breakfast” I realise that no amount of dark romance novels are helping me accumulate knowledge on what can be done :joy: so then my nope list is restricted to what I know exists!

We both have hard no’s surrounding other people, poop, pee and blood.
I would not lick that hairy ass either. But he can persuade me to do anything so if he truly wanted something I think I’d give anything a go.

At a cost. :smiling_imp:

Not much… as my partners know me and I know them. We wouldn’t ever get to the asking point.

My hard limits are pretty much the same as others on this thread… no nasty substances, no new people, no pain beyond my limits, nothing physically damaging.


Water sports! We tried it once in the bath. It did absolutely nothing for either of us. Can’t see the attraction but hey different strokes for different folks.

The only positive was that we agreed that we should try everything and at least we can then decide what we like.


Not a lot really.

The ones tha spring easily to mind:

Nothing with another man.
Nothing too painful / would leave marks / bodily damage.
Nothing public

Before having our 2 boys basically anything apart from sex was a no but since having our babies we would do nearly everything the massive big no for me is inviting someone else to join us or videoing us having sex. We’ve sent eachother dirty pictures and videos but we both don’t put our faces in :joy: I’m a bit strange like that :crazy_face:


Absolutely nothing
We agreed when we got together that we would be up to try anything once on our ‘sex journey of discovery.’ If we like it we keep doing it. :sunglasses::sunglasses:


My current OH and I discussed this pretty early on in our relationship/dynamic, and we wrote out Yes/No/Willing To Try lists. Not gonna delve into the whole list, but this one was pretty crucial on my end.

One of my big No’s was impact play on visible areas, such as my face, arms, lower legs, not because I don’t enjoy it, but because I’m anemic and bruise very easily (I get huge bruises all the time, no idea where I get them :joy:).

So he already knows that’s a boundary, and he’s fully aware that it’s actually for his sake, rather than mine, as I don’t want anyone getting the wrong idea about the marks.


Wouldn’t want to give or receive a Cleveland steamer even if OH wanted…

This is new one for me :thinking: now do I google it or not :grimacing::joy::joy:

Ok……. Edited as I did Google it……… :nauseated_face: I’m living with a fair amount of regret right now ………:rofl: I’ll put others out if there misery and just say it involves taking a big steamy crap the rest if you need to know is in the ether :wink::joy:

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Rimming, or anything concerning bodily functions, is off the table for us. I love her pegging me but cuckolding is out, as is anything that is degrading or humiliating (I see it as an act of love, after all).

Apart from that, I pretty much let her do what she wants with me, and we discuss everything anyway, to see what is and isn’t okay.

Definitely no scat


No poo, feet, sick, blood, no chocking or strangulation or water sports


No scat, body damage, or extreme pain.


Absolutely anything involving arseholes just leaves me cold. Rimming, butt plugs, pegging. No one is going near my bottom! I honestly don’t get it at all. I would worry about damage and leakage. I was a nurse so have had other people’s poo on me accidentally. I would never volunteer for it. :grin: