Whats the best condom to use for a 1st time

ive basically said it, im planning my first time and i want to know whats the best type of condom to use
im worried about using a thin condom incase it splits but i dont want him to have to wear a thick one and have no stimulation

i was looking at the safex delay condoms are these any good?

There's a board about these.


god rude this is sex talk as well it can come under both jez chill out will you

For my first time we used durex extra safe. It seems to be the classic first condom lol.

Don't worry about thin condoms. If it has the kite mark, it'll most likely be fine

hi lolly, if you are with a steady guy and you trust him, why not go for the pill or take a morning after one? your first time is going to be really special and there's just no feeling like having a man cum inside you. if he's not steady just go for any condom, but relax and enjoy, you will remember it all your life. rose X

Condoms are certainly the way to go. As Crayola says, Durex Extra Safe is a good bet. There's enough to worry about on your first time than thinking about pills and other things.

Plus- the thicker the condom, the longer he'll last lol

Ha ha ha.
So true.
I used an extra strong condom my first time. It was like a welly. Couldn't really feel anything.

Ever tried the performer ones durex do? Got one free- could not get my guy to cum! Does what it says in the tin at least lol.