What's the most sensitive part of your body?

Everyone has different parts what's yours ? I go crazy when my partner lighly kisses the ferenum on the top of my penis it very sensitive and drive me wild . My OH loves her ears and back of her neck kissed as well as the usual spots

Neck, stomach, inner thigh are my most sensitive

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Neck and Ears and then the Perineum Mmmm the last one just makes me melt.

My husband's perineum and round there is really sensitive. He isn't really sensitive anywhere else, so it is a good job I like his smell :-)

My neck, ears (via. kissing, licking and touching our necks together during an embrace) and the tops of my arms (at the sides of them) are really sensitive when stroked by hubby. šŸ˜

Iā€™m pretty sensitive all over but Iā€™d have to say my neck and stomach

The back of my neck

Has to be my neck and sided..cant have anyone touching my love handles. šŸ¤£


Calves, ankles and the tops of my feet

Neck & Thighs

My neck and ears.

The front of my thighs and knees are also pretty sensitive but I don't like being touched there because it tickles so much!

Top of the backs of my thighs, sooooo sensitive, husband always makes a bee-line for them with the pinwheel.

Neck, inner thighs and shoulders, drive me wild when hubby touches them.

Definitely my penis

Bottom of my feet and underside of penis and my bum hole šŸ˜Š

My OH's ears and back of her neck but she doesn't like it to be kiss.

I dont really have a sensitive spot

My pierced nipple

I love having my ego stroked.