Whats the most toys at one time you have used simultaneously?

My wife has given me the nod so to speak for this evening. No children at home all night she is off work for a week so relaxed. We are enjoying trying to get her to squirt. One thing we havnt done yet is try to over stimulate her. So to night I think I am going to prop her up un our bed wedge, bind her wrists to her knees,apply lots of lube, put her butt plug vibe in, then put her intimate part spreader in, use her g spot vibe and her bullet on her clit all at the same time. I am so looking forward to watching her squirm with pleasure I am going to edge her slowly to make it as big an orgasm as possible for her.

I make that 7 sex aids.

One other question is this something that would turn you on or do you think it's to much going on?

Sounds very good. Sometimes Mr Scorpius uses lots of different toys at once on me, sometimes he doesnt use any - just the power of the mind. It all depends on the mood as to how a scene will go xx

you could add a blindfold and some nipple suckers vibrating ones if you have them !

What about a blindfold and some ear plugs? Sensory deprivation makes things so much more intense for me!

Well i've had the MR handcuffed, blindfolded and we've used Paddles, Floggers, Ticklers, Strokers and Vibrators all in one session. Was pretty mind blowing.

Me I like to keep things simple. Stick a plug up my bum and i'm happy :D

before I was with my better half I went for a short while for want of a better way of putting it PORN CRAZY

and one film/clip always sticks in my mind

a beautiful young lady shrink wrapped to a coffe table with a blindfold on and a gag , she was left there for a while before her partner in crime , selotaped a hitachi wand in place and turned it on .

it was amazing ! it lasted for about 5 mins you could see her finish but he didnt let it stop she was really struggling against the wand it was way to much for her ! but amazing to watch ! seeing her convulse on the table !


my point is maybe ist not how many toys but the way you use them and what they are , I think it will also have a lot todo with the thought that goes into it !

GG I loved you desription of how you will try to help the OH to "squirting point"... did it work? I have just purchased a G-Spot Stim from LH, to go with the rabbit and my vibrating cock ring... my SP wants to Squirt, and I love the idea! so looking for tips to help her out when she is back from tour.