Whats the smallest but plug you can get for a man?

My g/f is not into anal sex but i would love to know what it feels like,so i would like something my g/f to use on me

Its not a thing i want to be doing myself

When i was younger teen age i watched a better sex guide and it was saying about how you can pleasure yourself through anal,just using you own fingers,i gave it a try when i was a bit drunk and i did like it

im way to scared to have anything big put in my ass something small and discreet would be a good start

And if i bought a big anal toy i dont think my g/f would want to use it on me,as it would be to much of a thing

And of course i would have to find a way to introduce this toy to my g/f

There used to be a really neat plug called the Little Flirt - http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/orgasmarmy/anal-toys/tantus-little-flirt-silicone-butt-plug/reviews.aspx - but I don't think it's available any more.
You could try the Tracey Cox Anal Beginner's Kit - it's got lube, a small butt plug and a guide written by Tracey Cox. It's an ideal way to introduce the toy and the idea to your girlfriend because it's specifically written for couples.
Any other suggestions?

I just thought of another good one ;-) The Fun Factory Bootie Plug

My first butt plug was really small to the point of being almost pointy at the end and this really irritated me when it was in. It put me off anal play for a while until I bought something a bit bigger. Don't start too small or it will just pop right out again.

The bootie plug is awesome.

We use it for extended use but it's great as a beginner plug.

I use this one-

It's 1.5 inches at the biggest point, which sounds a lot bigger than it actually is. That was my beginners plug. It's glass too so is pretty solid. Not sure how it'd be for a man, but I love it. Have reviewed it too if you want to take a look


I'm feeling purile today, so please excuse the chant:

"crayola wants a bigger end!!"

Ha- I luff it!


I'd recommend this - good value, nice small plug to start but then the bigger plugs for use later if you decide to try them :o)


Variety is the spice of life and all that... :oD

This one looks good, and sounds nice and flexible so that you dont need to fear a painful first time:

and its supposed to be good for p-spot stim which is all to the good. I havent tried this one myself but I'd really recommend you give anal a go, it opens up (if you pardon my french) a whole load of possibilities, expecially for guys in a heterosexual relationship and their lack of vagina and all that.