What's with all the thongs?

I'm really disappointed that all of the nice basque and bustier sets, and a huge majority of the bra sets, all come with thongs or g-strings. I simply cannot be doing with strings up my butt crack! (as well as being extremely uncomfortable, if you're prone to cystitis then wearing thongs can set it off). Sometimes a description doesnt even state clearly whether the knickers are thong style, and I have to guess based on the photo.

Please could you consider stocking more sets with proper knickers instead of thongs (particularly basque and bustier sets, which all seem to come with thongs) and possibly make a search feature so people who dont like thongs can easily eliminate all sets which contain them?

LoveHoney - Bot says: Sorry!

Sadly, many items of lingerie do not come with the option to select the underwear that comes with it.

Sometimes we will find an item of lingerie, a fabulous basque or a beautiful chemise for example, that we think is gorgeous and that our customers would love but it comes with a very basic G-string which we're not in love with.

We then have to weigh up the pros and cons and decide whether we should stock that item because it's beautiful but comes with a free G-string which is a little under par or should we not stock it because we're not keen on the underwear.

Generally, the quality and the look of the lingerie itself will outweigh the cons of the G-string or thong, so we usually decide to stock it. We also offer lots of knickers and shorts separately which will usually match the item you are after.

We can definitely look out for some more sets that come with knickers rather than thongs, although it may take a while to find them as they seem to be hiding somewhere!