What's your age range for a partner?

Im 31 and my OH is 25. I always get a younger guys. Probably genes - my mums OH is 12 years younger than she is. :D

I don't think I could be with anyone older than me.
I'm very immature really >.<

I don't think I could be with anyone older than me really, I would probably only look for someone my age or slightly younger.

Like Jazzam, I'm very immature and would have to be with someone who also had a childish side to them.

I am 26 my age ranfe would be 24-36.

I'm 28 and my age range would be 25-50

I'm 33 and would probably only go 5yrs younger and 10yrs older. Have been with someone 9yrs younger and someone 11yrs older, older was better! Bf is 7yrs olderbut he's always been with older women.

I'm 25, my age range is 25 - 35. I dated an 18 year old once when i was 23 and he was just to immature so i tend to stay away from younger guys now.

I'm 29, and my range would be 25-40. Although I was seeing a 45 year old when I was 25, it clearly didn't work

I'm 31 and i would say about 25 - 45

I'm 19 and my age range is about 30-45 my OH is 41 and he's absolutely perfect for me, I'm quite mature so we fit really well in terms of where we want to be and what we enjoy doing

IM almost 23 oh is 27 this year i don't with i really go beyond the 4 year gap really

I'm 22 (coming 23!) and my partner is 26 (coming 27). The youngest I would go would still have to be at least 3 years older than me. Oldest around 10. I like older men!

Don’t really care about age, if you meet someone and there’s a click, then age shouldn’t come in to it! As far as I’m concerned a 70 year old pussy is just as good as a 20 year olds.


I’m married but my age range would be up to 50 but not a day younger than I am (41). I actually prefer 2-3+ years older than me. I like older men. My husband is 43.

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30 to 50 my OH it’s 47

My wife is the same. Early 40s. Has always loved men in their 60s. We used to see a guy mid 60s 10 years back. Huge cock. He used to arrange for other old guys to take turns on her

+/- 5 yrs, but thats not set in stone, really it depends on the attraction.

I’m about the same… my partners are pretty close to me in age, although one female partner is close to 40 and one is still in her mid 20’s.

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