What's your biggest peeve about sleeping naked

I love sleeping naked feeling the sheets on my skin and my bits are free and generally love the naked feeling.

But one of my biggest hates about it is mainly in the summer time when I have been drinking alot more water and I have to get out of bed to pee, I got to make sure those dribbles have gone before I hit those sheets, when you are half asleep in the loo it’s like come on hurry up one eyed monster stop shedding that tear​:rofl: usually I’m impatient and need to dab some toilet paper… I guess women don’t have that problem.


Oh we DO have that problem :joy: once the tsunami stops it’s like a dripping tap, so we have to play pat a cake to dry ourselves too :joy:. The worst bit for me is trying to find my dressing gown which is usually on the floor with my cat wrapped up in it :see_no_evil:I don’t think my neighbours would appreciate seeing Mrs Blobby running to/from the loo :joy:


I rarely need to get up for a wee during the night, even after a fair few drinks from a pint glass!

The only thing i make sure of, is having my lounge pants or trunks close by in case of emergency.

I don’t really see a downside to sleeping naked! :slightly_smiling_face:


@Amunique that’s funny​:rofl: how you worded that… What I meant was I don’t suppose women have that problem because you already use toilet paper to wipe where most of us men just shake the dribbles and off we go…

@WillC I agree with you not really a downside to sleeping naked just more of a annoyance for me, water always makes me pee pee pee, so I do try to cut of water drinking by 8pm.

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When you wake up in the morning with a hard on, leaking pre-cum onto the sheets!


The kids walking past the open door in the summer!

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Kids long gone. House to ourselves. No downside at all.


Love sleeping naked… but this morning it was pouring rain and all the kids slept in.

I get up at 6:30 but they are usually up by 6:15. This morning I made the bold choice to walk out and wake them up with no clothes on. Should have known better as I woke kid #1 up first then kid #2… I was buck naked and on the way back to the room, kid #1 comes flying out out of the room… me standing there with my hand over my balls…

Oh man - great start to the day

Haha your post has made my day! :rofl: yes I know what you mean but thankfully I rarely need a pee during the night. I do remember though the days when I’d have sexy wet dreams and that would peeve me off big time as would then need to change sheets in middle of night while half asleep and still leaking precum!

Opening the door in the middle of the night to go to the loo and hoping one of my daughters isn’t about to wake up lol or balls sticking to my leg or one last one when we are we go to sleep Laura lays her head on my chest and when it’s hot and I wake up peeling her face off of me again normally when I need to get up and go for a pee lol oh wait last one now I promise…… waking up that damn baby, but that’s only because I always sleep naked well we both do every night lol……. so really it just boils down to just waking up and needing to go to the toilet on all aspects lol :joy: just thought I would wind that out as long as I could be bothered lol :joy:

:rofl::rofl:thanks @teacake :joy::joy:we can shake too, and hover, but maybe not at the same time, don’t want to cause a splash :joy:

That I have to put everything back on again before I get up lol. Plus the fact that if I don’t wake up in time someone might come in to get me up and see something poking around.

I feel better in my pjs as sometimes skin rubbing between legs, arms etc feels rough in some way.

My only peeve is that I feel things tend to stick a lot more… anytime I roll I feel like I have to un-Velcro the fella just to get comfortable again.

When you’ve been having a sex dream and you’ve been thrusting in your sleep and your penis is red raw due to rubbing it against a dry sheet.

This happened to a friend (cough)

The fact that being naked almost always makes me horny so I’m up thinking and fantasizing way later than I want