What's your favourite?

We're looking to add to the collection. We have some bullets, a remote clit and g-spot toy and perhaps the favourite is a cone.

What do you favour and why folks?

Is it best for solo or partner play?

My new favourite is the Wand. Good for her to use solo, or for both of you during foreplay or during sex. My OH seemed to enjoy it during sex as well. I have the Aqua Wand, and you have different rythms and you can change the intensity of each one. It can be quite soft compared to others I imagine, or mayeb I just like heavier stimulation.

I like clitoral stimulation, but need penetration as well, so using it during sex was amazing. He was able to push it into me which made me really excited. Maybe too exciting for both of us right away. I had tingles and pulses running through me all day after that.

Got this for Mrs B, WOW, did she hit the roof when she climaxed. Definatly her new favorite and I loved using it on her.
Mr Badger.

I'd always thought about buying one of these: http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=27085#customer_reviews but the reviews are exactly glowing.

And I've never met anyone with bigger hands than me so wouldn't want to break it on the first go.

I have both bullet and a sizeable vibrator. The vibrator is ribbed and very thick which is heavenly to use together once you've got going. Last time we used it I sat on his hips with his knees up and him lying down so that he could watch everything that was happening. Very intense to use it to the point of orgasm. While the bullets are fun for clitoral play, I'd definitely recommend a girthy vibrator to use midway through sex. Has its advantages, as well, if you're having a long session and either/both of you are getting tired physically.

I love my wand when playing together and rabbit for solo but also love love glass as it ace ! Just really depends on my mood and what I want .