When deciding which toy stays and which one goes?

I've recently thought it was time to clear out so of my old vibes and toys, espically since rechargables and glass toys are becoming cheaper (well some). There's just one problem, I don't know what should stay and what should go.... Having over 90 toys ranging from bondage, anal, vibrators, bullets, dildos, I just don't know where to start and what points to consider. I just know that soon if I don't get rid of some I will need to start cataloguing everything via area and type.

So I was hoping that people here could offer there main bullet points for when making a decision like this?

I could just wait years for some vibes to just give up, but I haven't really experienced many die on me before, probably because I have so many to choose from none ever get the chance to be burnt out. And then there's toys without motors, how do you choose whether or not to get rid of them?

Also I made a rule to help cut back my toy buying, not to buy cheap vibes anymore unless it's something I really want, as I know I'll get a good selection next grab bag time.

You could get mathmatical

Assign each toy a rating out of 10 for the pleasure it gives (1 is not good and 10 being orgasmtastic) - a

Assign each toy a rating out of 10 for the cost it would be to replace (Higher the cost the cheaper it is) - b

a x b gives you a score.

So say you have your favorite rabbit that scores a 10 on pleasure and an 8 on cost, it would therefore be 80 points

You then have a...something else...that is useless at turning you on so gets a 1, but is cheap, so scores a 10, still only means it gets 10 points.

Then decide everything below 35 points gets binned :)

I sometimes have a clear out as well. I dont do a points systems as such, well I guess I do in a way. I don't do a price one. For me its pleasure, function, recharge, noise, how often I use it etc.

I recently put some old bullets in the rabbit amnety because they werent rechargeable, didn't give me much pleasure, quite loud and didn't use them often.

However, my 2 favourite toys the Lelo siri and fun factory delight are completely the opposite. I do favor luxury toys over the cheaper ones. My thoughts are, why have 3 toys when one can do the job.

I'd get rid of anything that I don't use unless it is the only one of it's type and you think you will use it at some point.

I would then do it as narrowing down to a few of each type. For instance, if you have a lot of bullets, narrow them down to ones that you really enjoy the most features out of. Say you have one bullet that is one speed, and you have a bullet that is three speed, unless the one speed has particularly good vibrations, you don't need that single speed bullet. Out of maybe four bullets, two might have all the features of the other two within them.

So go through everything and rate a set of top toys in each catagory, for rabbits, bullets, dildos. If I liked two vibes equally I'd probably keep them.

I guess I could narrow it down to getting rid of anything redundant. If you have two dildos that are very similar, then do you need two?

I would go with the redundant thing, if it hasnt been used in the last few months then it isnt going to be missed.

but thats from someone who just had to buy a 2nd toy box and now I have 2 I cannot get the lids on!


I had a clear out a while back, and it was a simple matter really. What toys I use, I kept, what toys I don't use, went.

It depends how big a clear out you want to do. I quite like the maths idea. But i would say ask yourself the following:

What works for you? (Strength of vibration, size, material etc)

Keep that in mind (or even written down) and take each toy individually and ask

When was the last time i used this?

How regularly do i use this normally?

Have i got anything that does the same job?

How much would it cost if i changed my mind?

Why/when do i use this?

Why did i buy it?

Is there any other compelling reason to keep it?