When did you last masturbate?

Couple of days ago after some hard solo nipple play… didn’t take long after that​:wink:

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Last night with the combination specified by my absent wife.

Medium butt plug, gentle nipple clamps and the fuxxing machine with the sleeve.
There’s no holding back with that thing. It’s absolutely relentless.

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This morning reminiscing about last night :wink: (Em)


This morning. Ignite vibrating butt plug followed by ElectraStim KIX with sticky pads as close to anus as possible. Finished by adding mini bullet through briefs to perineum. :exploding_head: :sweat_drops:


This morning once my hubby went to work, wanted to get it on last night but he fell asleep so his loss​:rofl:. First I started by using my 3 way vibrator, which made me climax very quickly. Gave myself 5 minutes recovery then used my fingers while watching some hard anal porn. Wow I needed that, but come down with an awful migraine half hour later :pensive:


What is a 3 way vibrator?

About 15 mins ago
Mutual session head to toe
We love watching eachother from this view
She played with her bullet while I fingered her until she orgasmrd and I played with myself but she finished me with a handjob :sweat_drops:

Last night.

As ordered by text (she’s still in France).

My big plug, a nice pair of nipple suckers and my hand. Very nice too.


Yesterday afternoon, trying to get at least one in a day in May. Pocket pussy, bullet vibrator and butt plug led to a pretty good session