When did you last masturbate?

Can’t be a good tug in the shower!! :+1:t2::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yesterday, we had a mutual masturbation session. Because we got horny ordering some new toys.


@MrsT How was the sex machine

@AWB1955 I have not had an opportunity since being back from my work trip but I may get another chance on Sunday hopefully. I am having issues with the lube I have, so have book looking at various posts and gone for some Liquid Silk which I hope will help even more :slightly_smiling_face: I am still very pleased with my purchase and it’s great to transport.

I am not as lucky as @KentCouple1990 having a self date every Thursday. Masturbation goals! :rofl:


I get the odd Tuesday too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Show off :stuck_out_tongue:

Love it, quite the day.
Need to get shopping here, edited by mod

This is absolutely hot as. So many great stories on here. Love watching a vibe do it’s thing - missing out on dildo viewing, double ender doggy is the dream…

Hey, is this a designed shower head (vibrator) or just the stock standard?
Has anyone upgraded to the shower head vibe?

So it’s only just one o’clock and I’m already x2 down.
First was me playing with a cock ring, condom and one of my fleshlights. A sprinkle of porn in there too.

Second was me in the bath. I’m really getting into solo pee play so did that on myself whilst masturbating. Now that was tough haha.

Room for one more perhaps….


Last night.

Watching porn, had edged a few times, letting the feeling build and then stopping short of cumming. Was going for a fifth attempt, and again as the feeling arose stopped masturbating, but this time didn’t stop quite quick enough, although not touching myself, my cock continued to bob up and down releasing streams of sperm.

A truly satisfying session.


Hi there thanks for the reply will be interesting to hear how you get on @MrsT

So in the end I did it x4 times on Thursday. In the end I think my penis was screaming ‘I’ve not nothing left to give’ :rofl::rofl:

A throughly enjoyable day.

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About 10 minutes ago watching my partner sat on the floor in front of me with her rabbit inside her and rubbing her clit when I was ready to cum I stood over her and covered her tits and pussy


Enjoyed a solo session last evening with the sex machine pleasuring my bum and pspot. Felt really good and a nice way to end the day.


Earlier this afternoon in the shower :shower: had a pamper day to myself and thought I’d have some extra pampering with an orgasm or three :wink:


This morning, well in fact the last 2 mornings
We are currently away for a few days
The place we are staying has a very powerful shower especially the handheld part
Wife got on the shower this morning asked if I was going to join her
I started washing her body all over
I then got the handheld shower and rinsed her off the next thing she grabbed the handheld with one hand whole the other was exposing her clitoris
She stood there we ith the water squirting at it
And told me to cum with her as I was playing with myself
With in minutes we were both cumming


Last Thursday got into bed off a night shift all freshly showered and felt really horny so I watched a bit of porn and put a cock ring on, knelt on the bed and wanked in front of the mirror , must have been super horny as I was rock hard I wanked while watching myself and cum hard , bit of a clean up then off to sleep , woke up a few hours later still feeling horny so went agin, not quite shooting as hard this time but enjoyable all the same :blush:

Did you ?

About 20 minutes ago thinking about what happened with my partner and the postwoman​:grin:

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