When did you last masturbate?

This evening.

Not me but my wife.

In Marco Polo’s in Newcastle.

She took a bullet vibrator with her when she went to the ladies toilet and gave herself a nice orgasm before coming back for her dessert.


After my morning shower, thinking which fingers do i insert into my vagina to stimulate my g spot. Had seen a discussion about fingers 1,2 or 2,3. Turns out I’m a 2,3 and just kept pushing that spot and felt a deep ache of an orgasm. Wonder now if I should have kept ‘come hithering’ and whether I would have squirted. Haven’t done that before and today my gspot was very spongy and pronounced!

Tips on whether you’ve continued would be welcome, love learning from others.


She is a naughty girl!

I though Marco Polo’s closed down! Used to love the meatballs on the lunch menu.

Nope. Still there. Just at the top of the bottom half of Grey Street.

Lastnight, wasnt planned, woke up around 1am couldn’t sleep, had a very gentle play, surprised how wet i got, came better than id expected.


Yesterday morning.

My wife didn’t want sex but was happy to help me wank into a pair of her panties.


Ten minutes ago my partner messaged me to ask what I was doing so I rang her she was just getting back in the car so I video called her and she watched me​:blush:

I suffered from a tight foreskin about 5 years ago I went to the hospital and they gave me options for dorsal slit or removal I didn’t want it removed so I read on how to be able to pull it back fully without surgery I ordered phimosis cream to soften the skin and also sudocrem and after 2-3weeks of gentle stretching I got it back and every day for about two weeks after kept doing the same and having hot baths when you’re doing it helps,put the cream on before you go to bed and after a shower in the morning.good luck​:blush:

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Yesterday morning,woke up very horny but wife was too tired.She reached over and rubbed my cock through my satin knickers before taking her hand away and then telling me to rub myself off.Then she said just imagine the other cocks that my fingers have been round making them come.I didn’t last long at all.I love it when my usually quite shy wife talks like this.


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We last masturbated yesterday evening, as we hadn’t done anything sexual in almost a week!

We sat on either side of our sofa, kept our tops, jumpers and socks on (as it was a bit chilly haha) but took off our trousers and underwear and we masturbated to mutual orgasm together (which only took 10 minutes from start to finish). I was just using my hand and she was using her black vibrator and 6 inch dildo, starting with sitting on the sofa (the same as me) but moving to squat over the dildo to orgasm at the end. It was pretty great, a typical masturbation session for us, nothing fancy but always amazing :joy:


Wife got up the same time as me this morning
So we took a shower together, we begin washing eachother but mainly washing eachothers bits
It didn’t take long for me to be erect
She then continued giving me a handjob, i then took over and asked her to play with herself as i enjoy watching her and her ne
About 3-4 mins later she said that shes going to cum
As she cum so did i :sweat_drops::sweat_drops:


This morning!

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The last time i had a wank was the early hours this morning,While out walking.I found a place out of anyones eyes,Undone my jeans to reveal fishnets thong i was in and had a wank.
It was a very nice feeling wanking outside in the cold air


Tuesday, after work before the OH got home, had a cheeky quick wank whilst wearing 2 cock rings and my favourites didlo in my arse!!


Yesterday morning - quick session with the wand


Just now!

To be honest the only time I properly wank is when the wife is out for the night. I try riding her dildo which I can do but after I feel like I Havant properly cum so then go at it again with laods of lube then feel done in lol.


Do you watch porn while you’re doing it

Yeah I do watch porn and I feel like I like being done in the ass but i can never 100% get into it and cum. So I have to proper get into wanking to finish off which is a shame cuz I feel like I want to properly ride it to come.