When did you last peg/get pegged?

If you are using the same toy both orally and anally, how do you handle the cleaning between uses @rockstar ? I have always been a little nervious about this with silicon even with commercial toy cleaners. No problem with stainless.

Four nights ago…

Little one’s asleep she comes downstairs wearing a strapon. I see her, absolutely gorgeous, fall to my knees and she takes my mouth, I’m sucking it deep and choking on it. A pool of saliva at me knees.
She pulls me up and bends me over on the sofa after applying a little lube she enters me. It’s been a while so is quite a stretch…
After pounding my ass for a while, then having regular sex (vaginal and anal) I ask her to keep playing with my butt. It’s not long before she’s fisting me…

Took me a couple of days to recover…


A lot of baby wipes.

There is no residual taste after the clean up.

This afternoon after being cropped.

Spooned and slowly pegged. So intimate.

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This afternoon.

Paddled hard then pegged immediately afterwards.


Yesterday evening, with our new dildo. My wife looked incredibly hot wearing the new dildo. Before she started pegging me she first made me suck, I finally could give her a proper BJ, I have sucked her strapon before but I can hardly fit that dildo in my mouth. It was amazing to give her stapon a proper BJ.

After sucking thee dildo for a while she pegged me hard and long.


Yesterday afternoon, girlfriend bent me over the bed and gave it to me hard. Taking the dildo a bit too easy now so might have to size up. I came hard after about 10 mins. Was so good.


We’ve got a sesh planned for this Saturday…can’t wait to use my new harness and see how it helps me give a good pounding…the last one was good but would become loose all the time so here’s hoping this one’s an improvement…


Last night. Yesterday was my birthday and part of my “special” day was a good pegging. After my workout, showered and groomed, been completely shaved now for six month so I made sure no stubble.

Once out of the shower wife had me on all fours at the edge of the bed. She started by rimming me and sucking me from behind and sucking my balls. Then came a couple of fingers and a vibrator to get me going.

Next was the big surprise as she left the room. We have been delving more in the dom/submissive role but was surprised when she came back dressed in all black, her harness briefs with a 7 inch dildo, but with a collar with leash and a paddle. Once the collar was on I was forced to rim her and suck the dildo. Once done she got me on all fours again massaging my ass cheeks then “bam” a good whack on the ass. Surprised the heck out of me. We finished with a nice long pegging session. Nice change with the dom/sub role but definitely wouldn’t want to do that all the time.


Last night! I was hogtied in leather and chains and my wife gave me a rough pegging. When we were done, she put a thrusting dildo in my ass that is battery operated. It was locked in place with a chastity belt. she wanted me to go to the store to get a few things. So I got dressed and she came along. The entire time we were shopping she turned on the dildo with the remote. She would turn it off and on. It is now 10 in the morning and I am still wearing it while she is at work. I can’t find the key.

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Still can’t find the key, but the battery finally died in the dildo. After a while That makes your ass feel really rough. I want to get off really bad but I can’t because the Chastity belt is still locked

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This morning.

After our usual Sunday morning shaving licking and rimming session we were just cuddling and dozing in bed when she told me to get the strap-on from the drawer.

She put it on, laid on her side, and told me to take it in my mouth. Once I’d got it wet she put her hand on the back of my head and slowly began to fxxk my face. She kept it slow but pushed deeper and deeper into my mouth till I was gagging.

When she was done with the face fxxk she laid on her back and told me to ride the dildo in Cowboy. It was absolutely amazing. I think it was something to do with the build up of the earlier activities and the face fxxk but I was totally sensitised. If I kept still I was squirming and moaning. If I moved I was shuddering and moaning. She was enjoying the whole thing so much that she wouldn’t let me stop or rest. Eventually she could see that I was exhausted so she took pity on me and let me stop. It didn’t end there though as once we’d cleaned up she made me suck the dildo again.
I actually fell asleep with the dildo in my mouth.


Sunday that also ended with a fisting then it was OH turn to be licked sucked piv anal and that also ended with a pussy fisting for OH

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3 weeks ago
I can’t wait for next one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::ok_hand: