When do I pick up my implant from the pharmacy?

So being on the waiting list for 2 MONTHS, I finally have an appointment to get my implant fitted on the 19th July. This was sent through text and they said I have to go pick up my implant from the pharmacy but I don’t know whether I can pick it up whenever or only at a certain time since the 19th is still quite a while away yet. I called them up this morning and there’s this specific person I have to talk to, according to the text that was sent but they are unavailable. Is this just my GP or are ALL GPs being this ridiculous still when everyone else is operating as normal except them. They are really grinding my gears. Does anyone know when I should pick up the implant from my pharmacy? I’m confused and I don’t know what to do. I’m also not sure what to do if the pharmacy asks what I’m picking up? Thanks in advance.

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Why do you have to pick up your own implant? And what’s with the long wait for contraception? I would find a new doctors. I had my coil fitted during lockdown on the same week I rang up the gp. That’s ridiculous how much messing you about their doing.

I’d ring them back and explain your situation to them. They will have come across this and should know…don’t worry about telling them what it’s for as they legally can’t disclose anyones prescription information.

I’ve been waiting over a year now for an “urgent” procedure and don’t get me started on getting a dental appointment as they are still “catching up” from covid.

All my doctors want now are phone appointments first which you have to wait weeks for just to find you WERE right and they actually DO need to see you after all and then have to wait weeks again for another appointment…:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I had an appointment at the hospital for my coil change in 2020 during lockdown…and get this it was changed to a phone appointment. I swear this country gone mad…then when I eventually got a face to face…or shall we say face to fanny…appointment they told me because it had gone past it’s change date I could be pregnant…:scream:

Luckily all was well

Sorry for the rant…

Good Luck with it.

When they told you the person was unavailable did it not occur to you to ask when they would be available? Were they at lunch, away on holiday, off sick today / long term. I think a call back is required Unfortunately if they ask what you are picking up I think you will have to be honest so they can direct you accordingly to someone else if required.

As far as I know, the implant is fitted by a nurse or GP. It’s not something you pick up from a Pharmacy?
It has to be inserted in the fleshy bit in your upper arm…?

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Of course I asked. She was in a meeting and she would call me back some time today but my GP is unreliable.

I have to bring it to the appointment.

@forwardghoul52 I honestly thought someone here would be able to help me but apparently not. If I don’t get a call today, I’ll call again tomorrow and if to no avail, I’m probably just going to go to the pharmacy and see what they say.

Good idea @sharbur you think peoples contraceptives would be a priority…

Maybe it’s like collecting a prescription?

Actually going in and speaking face to face with someone instead of getting nowhere surely will help. Being honest the only women I know that have had the implant have just made the appointment at the sexual health clinic and had it fitted there…where they had it ready for them. And during lockdown too.

Good luck

That is not correct, you can talk to any of the Dr’s at the surgery, they will all have your medical records on their system and therefore be able to help you with your inquiry. If no other DR’s are available to talk to, you ask a receptionist to make send a note to one of the Dr’s requesting information.

You should be able to collect the item as soon as the chemist has it, it will be clinically sealed some prescriptions are required to be kept in a fridge but clear instructions will detail that, not having used an implant-Obviously-I am not sure as to their storage requirement but the pharmacist will advise you. Which leads me onto telling them what you are collecting, don’t be embarrassed by that, they have seen that type of thing hundreds of times and will not blink an eye lid.

Hopefully someone will get back to you, I understand it can be frustrating as people can be so unreliable at times. i think at times things are made complicated to put a % of people off. Or is that me being cynical. Good luck

Hi @sharbur

I can 2nd @SinfulBlanche comments :+1:

Hope you get sorted

Never heard of this before??? For my implants, I just went to my local family planning/sexual health clinic and not via GP. Made an appointment or walked in and waited to be seen. However, this was before Covid came along.

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I can also say GPs and some pharmacy’s here are being overly awkward still and especially if want an appointment to see a doctor god forbid! You practically have to jump hoops and run a marathon with no sleep to get the chance of seeing someone :flushed:

Having had numerous implants over the years im struggling to understand what you mean by collect your implant. Is this as in having an implant fitted as contraception ?
Mine has always been fitted at family olanning clinic and ive never had to “collect it” from anywhere. I attended the appt,arm cleaned and numbed, small cut made, nurse uses a machine of some sort to place the implant and site was dressed. Ive honestly never heard of this. I do hope you get sorted! Could you possibly contact your local family planning clinic and make an appt with them for implant fitting?

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I think if my memory is correct that @sharbur lives up in the depths of Scotland so FP clinic etc may not be on her doorstep. I apologise if I am wrong with location.

@sharbur i picked up my implant from the pharmacy two days after the doctor phone me about my appointment. The implant doesn’t need to be refrigerated or anything so you could pick it up in advance and then just take it along to your appointment.

You could phone the pharmacy and ask if your prescription is ready to be picked up. Don’t worry about telling them what it is for. They only asked for my name and address and what I was picking up. They ask everyone the same questions regardless what you are picking up.

Hope your appointment goes well it’s a quick procedure and they numb your arm so you won’t feel it going in. I have had mine almost a year now and I like it.

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