When during the day are you most likely to masterbate

Just a poll but feel free to add comments please

  • When you wake
  • Once everyone is out the house
  • At work
  • Lunch time
  • When you get home
  • When the kids are in bed
  • When you go to bed
  • If you wake through the night

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It used to be at bedtime to help me sleep, but now its whenever I have the house to myself, I’m extra horny lately and loving it. Hubby is loving it too.

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Mine is probably in the bath/shower - the only time I get any peace around here.

Although it doesn’t happen much - hubby is always up for action so I don’t feel the need :sweat_smile:


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@Suck_It_Yes_You you alright??

Generally at night then I’m on my own because if husband goes out, my cat wants cuddles…

Anytime! Love it first thing though

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I’ve been wanking from home, sorry, working from home for the past 18 months, so my usual routine has completely changed. I was just doing it first thing in the morning whilst partner is in the shower and I had the bed to myself, to any time of day from when I wake up until about 6:30pm, usually two to thee times a day. It really does help the working day go quicker! :eggplant::sweat_drops:

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In the bath is the most common time for me. It’s in the evening so I’m at my most relaxed and also makes use of the shower head :joy:

usually about 4 or 5pm, i’ve done all my jobs for the day so i like to treat myself. unless i’m with my man, then it’ll be at any time

Normally I go to bed before the wife and treat myself. Or sometimes in the shower if the urge is there. Nice to fall asleep feeling satisfied.

Once I get up and the OH has left for work :grin: :drooling_face:

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It’ll usually be when I get home from work or if I know my housemates are going out I’ll wait until then :yum:

I’ve started doing it in the morning a bit more (morning glory :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) but I don’t want to get in to the habit of it :man_facepalming::joy_cat: