When fantasy becomes reality

Interested to know how peoples fantasies worked out. Were they better than imagined or a disappointment?

I’d always dreamt of a ffm threesome. I had a girlfriend some years ago who was very very adventurous. She arranged, unknown to me, for her cousin who I fancied rotten, to join us for a birthday meal. One thing led to another and the dream was fulfilled. It was and probably still is the best sex I’ve ever had.......

Generally, when tried with my husband, fantasies work out better. I've been quite disappointed by some positions though, some just don't work. For example, early in our relationship, he tried to bend me over the arm of our settee and shag me, and it just didn't work. We chose our new settee much more carefully and now it is great.

But some positions never do work for us, and yet others that you think won't be great are fabulous.

We had both fantasised about going to a swinger club for many years before we met, but our exes didn't want to. So within a few weeks of getting together we went to one an hour's drive away. It was incredibly erotic, with sex openly everywhere outside the bar area - in public playrooms, sauna, jacuzzi and a small cinema. I thought it might be a bit sordid but it was joyful and respectful too. We didn't swap on that first visit but played together in a crowded playroom, an amazingly sexy experience.

It certainly wasn't a disappointment! We became regulars and went about once a month afterwards, taking things slowly and eventually doing our first full swap with another couple, who became, and still are, very good friends.

For years I’d wanted to go to a swingers club for a MMF. I went to one in Europe last week and ended up having a MMMF - it was so frickin’ hot. ✅ off the list now after about 10 years!

personally, i think wishes and fantasies are different,there's things i wish for and hope will happen and then things off the scale that i just fantisise about

I think that most of our realised fantasies end up disappointing in one way or another. In your imagination you are in control but the real world isn’t like that.

I'd agree with many of the above comments, sometimes things just happen and the are amazing experiences and other things you have fantasised about can be great too. Likewise other times a fantasy can be the biggest disappointment! Our FMF has been amazing over the near decade but likewise sometimes it has just been OK, nothing wrong but not as memorable as other experiences. Same with some toys & positions. Our new strap on springs to mind- great for ff penetration but then i missed the cuddling & kissing too much with the positions that worked best with it! Not giving up on it yet but will keep trying. I enjoying just exploring, yes have a fantasy or two but don't plan every detail down to the second as you may miss out on an amazing opportunity/experience.