When is tights OK for work?

Moving to a job in the UK. Is wearing tights considered appropriate at workplace?Can I go bare with skirts?

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I think that rather depends on where you’re working. If you’re a stripper, tights are probably inappropriate as not the sexiest hosiery and probably decrease your grip on the pole and ability to do your job. If you work in Buckingham Palace, bare legs are inappropriate and you would be expected to wear hosiery AND an appropriate length skirt.

I think in most office environments in the UK looking professional is important but you can do this with bare legs as long as the skirt is not too short and you have a smart top. Some companies will have their own dress codes that need to be adhered to, but generally, I think hosiery, particularly in Summer, is an individual’s choice as long as they look professional.

I work on a farm now. Both tights and skirts would be inappropriate and unsafe. Jeans work just fine :+1::rofl:


Firstly, welcome to the UK :blush:

@Peitho sums it up perfectly. Generally speaking and in most settings they are perfectly fine, as long as they are part of a professional inage. With a skirt would be the bigger challenge: whilst most places are becoming more gender-neutral, some other places (such as small firms) are not. It’s probably best to consult the company’s gender equality stance for advice, HR can give you that information.

You might get some comments, tuts or eye rolls from some people, but most people are fairly accepting :blush:

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Like @Peitho has said - depends where you will work.
Footballer - No
Footballer lawyer- Yes

Nothing else I can add but welcome to the forum :wave:t2:.

Check with company dress-code, though for companies issuing a dress code this can be fraught with equality challenges.

In doubt ask, would be my suggestion.

Welcome to the forum.

Welcome to the uk

As a general rule tights are fine to wear - but personally I prefer stockings- but if you got good legs - show them off …. :stockings:

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:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Love it… No grip on the pole

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Look at your company’s dress code but OK for tights and no tights at ours…
Hotter it is the less you’ll want tights on I’m guessing

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:rofl: You’ve got to wear appropriate attire for the job required.

…though for some weird reason, you’ve just put an image of Nora Batty pole dancing into my head. I’m sure Compo would appreciate it but she definitely wouldn’t have any grip on any pole! :see_no_evil::joy:

(I hope you’re old enough to get the reference)


Haha good old compo, clegg and foggy!


I’d say you can get away with them in most jobs as adds some class to uniform depending how n the type of tights you wear :nerd_face:

@niamhc Hello and welcome to the forum & the UK.

As others have said both with be ok. Unless you’re in some unique profession, and in that case the company should have a dress code.

I personally love tights or stockings. I love how they accentuate the curves of the legs. If they’re glossy or shiny even better.

For work in the winter I wear mid length skirt with tight. In summer I wear mid length skirt no tights. It’s all on the weather for me.

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Very rare Mrs H doesn’t wear tights. BIG fluffy things in winter and nude in finer months. She’s apparently a professional too :rofl:

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A friend of mine had a view on this.She said “tights for work, hold ups for going out and stockings for the bedroom “
I sought of follow this , but wear hold ups for work, and if I feel horny will venture out in stockings and suspenders

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