When were you last spanked and what with?

…so it happened this afternoon instead.

She had me back in the black wet look backless knickers with just enough material to hold in the gaff then she cuffed my hands and fastened my ankles to the spreader bar. She bent me over the back of the sofa then used the bamboo paddle on my ass and the flogger on my back. She took her time and rested frequently (Parkinsons) which meant that she could hit me harder and for longer. I’m very tender and beautifully marked now.
Time to go make the evening meal.

This morning, I bent down to pick up something and hubby brought his hand down firmly across my rump then went to make coffee :joy:

Been ages but do love to be spanked with a paddle think last time OH used paddle crop and flogger

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This afternoon with a range of paddles, straps, tawses and belts. Very happy lady here. My ass not so much :rofl:


I was instructed Remove my knickers and bend over yesterday as my naughty friend spank my bum with her hand

Haven’t received a spanking for awhile

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Pretty much the same as a few days ago. And just as my ass had recovered :rofl: :bum2:

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This morning on the spreader bars .

Paddled, cropped and flogged.


This afternoon.

A long controlled session with the bamboo paddle.

I was handcuffed then bent over the back of the sofa.

She wanted to see some long lasting bruising so she hit the same areas every time. 5 hard strokes each side then a short rest. A longer rest every 20 strokes.

Over about an hour she gave me 70 - 80 strokes of the paddle and then took photos so that i could see what she had done.

My bum looks and feels amazing.

It’s 2 days later now and my bum is still red, purple and sore. She did a wonderful job on me.


Last night oh used paddle on me

As a result of waking him up yesterday morning for sex (which I got), I got spanked for my efforts last night. And then when I came from the spanking, he told me I wasn’t taking this seriously and spanked me some more. Very very sore, but very very happy.
I did the same to him again this morning…


I bet you only did that so you would get another spanking you naughty girl


Last week with a horse riding jumping bat

Of course I did. And it worked :laughing:

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Our new toys arrived yesterday. A proper cane and a bullwhip.

We’ve just tried them out.

I wasn’t expecting much as my wife does not have a great deal of arm or wrist strength (Parkinsons). Shows just how wrong you can be (and how good she’s getting with her technique).

The cane stung and burned so much that i could only take 30 strokes (15 each side) and my bum is covered in red weals.

I thought that she would really struggle with the weight of the bullwhip but she found a good technique very quickly and the weight of the whip worked for her to produce very painful impacts on my back. Again 30 strokes was all i could handle and my back is suitably striped too.

I wouldn’t want her to use these two implements every time but they’re definitely going to be part of our impact play moving forward.


2 nights ago. My wife had something planned and instructed me to “take my naughty bag to the spare room and wear something slutty”, which of course I did. Opted for leather thigh high boots, fishnets, wet look suspenders and PVC thong bodysuit, then went into our bedroom.

She was stood next to the bed in her PVC boots and matching black catsuit. She tied me to the bed post, made me bend over a little before proceeding to spank me with her hand, then a paddle and finally a whip.

My bum was red raw… In fact it’s still stinging a little today if I’m honest :smiley:

This was the first time we’d done something like a dedicated spanking session, but hopefully it won’t be last! Usually it’s the other way around

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About 45 minutes ago in our hotel bedroom in full view of people passing by outside.
60 strokes with the bamboo paddle .

Not spanked but I’ve just been on the receiving end of the bullwhip.

I’m playing tonight and we both like the idea that I’ll be carrying the marks she made on my back while I’m playing and she’s watching .

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This morning and I was with a ruler. We were playing teacher/student and he needed to teach me a lesson.


@EmThom92 sounds good was you dressed for the occasion

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Yeah we dressed up, which is why we were both late to work … we had to play the part too!

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