Where can I get some of this : Toys Heart Vanessa & Co Shape Up Lotion


Does anyone know of anywhere is the UK that sells this ? I got a sachet in one of the male grab bag with a dodgy japanese stroker :D

Sorry - missed out all my ps & qs, how every rude !

Hi, please can someone help me

Thanks so much


Hi The Meister, Welcome to the forums.

It might be worth asking for it in the "Pander to me" thread (link below). This is where we ask LoveHoney nicely if they'll stock stuff for us.



Hah, dodgy stroker. At least something tickled your fancy!

CCW's thread is correct, drop a post and ask if they have any intention of getting it in stock.

If you plan on sticking around then feel free to start an intro thread and let us all be lovely and welcoming and in the meantime check out this thread: