Where do you buy these type of products from

Hi all, just wondering where you all buy these types of sex toys from,2 reasons really,1st reason i have just opened a new website selling everything from toys to lingerie ect and would be pleased to hear from ant of you out there if you think my prices are competitive,
2nd reason i would like to add some feedback about items to put onto my website to promote
many thanks

If I know lovehoney stock it cheap I get it there out of habit, otherwise I go to www.pricegasm.com - they compare different shops, so they have a massive variety of stuff on there, and you can normally save a little money.

Lovehoney. I trust their service, I've been let down by other stores. Also LH pricematch, so if they have a product that I've seen cheaper then I get them to pricematch for me and buy it from them.
I wouldn't buy from a tacky website, anywhere not UK based, or a site that looked cheap/unprofessional. I certainly wouldn't buy from someone without a proven reputation. This counts for everything I get online, not just sex toys!

Oh and I also like branded, quality items. I don't like tacky-looking plastic things that look more like hen-night novelties. I like innovative, built-to-last toys.

Oh and websites with badly spelled/punctuated product descriptions are a no-no. If someone doesn't put time and thought into their image then I doubt whether their customer service could be any good, no slapdash, fly-by-night outfit will get my money!

Thanks evymetal and Private Lick , this advise is good,I am always looking at ways to improve and better my services

checkout my adultfunboards for quality sex furniture products,www.adultfunboard.biz ,just a temporary "tacky" website till my new one is done,the fotos on the site dont do the furniture justice as they are powder coated and sprayed with "fantasy" metalic laquer ,cant wait for new site to be finished with demo film etc.

@ nortyknicks

I just had a look at your site and have some feedback for you. I'm a marketing professional btw so if you want more detailed help drop me a line.

Here's the free advice:
You need to add the dimensions of the toys you're selling. For instance, I looked at butt plugs listed there that were "large" This is subjective - large to you might be small to me. Not helpful for generating a sale! If I'm buying an anal toy I need to know the exact WIDTH. Same goes for a dildo or anal beads or whatever. Folk who are into these things know exactly what they can take and what feels good for them. This is one reason of many why LoveHoney are so good - they give you all the info you need to make a purchase. Most UK sites do not.

Bath-Bi-Guy, thanks for this advise, i am always on the look out for good info to help me on my way.
the main problem i might have is that getting information for all these products from the wholesalers, but if its the case then i shall ask them for the info and then upload to my site on a single item at once
so once again thank you

nortyknicks - Another suggestion is to have a section for hypo-allergenic sex toys. A lot of toys use nasty chemicals in the rubber for example. Things like jelly dildos are the worst. Quite a few people can't use sex toys due to skin irritation or allergic reaction to the chemicals involved (some of which, like pthalates, are known to cause serious health issues and are actually banned by the EC in kids toys but NOT in adult toys!!!)

Pure silicone toys are hypo allergenic dont release toxic chemicals. You could have a section for listing hypo-allergenic toys. It'd be a unique selling point for your web site and well worth doing.

If you don't know about the issues google "dangerous sex toys" and check out the links it gives you. The Greenpeace report is worth a read.