Where do you guys keep yours?

Hi guys....just starting to build up a little collection of toys, when it was just a mini bullet this was ok to keep in bedside drawer as it came in a tin and the kids wouldn't see it if they looked in, now the collection is expanding need to find somewhere to keep them? So where do you keep yours? Do you store them in a box or bay or anything?
Cheers guys

There are several excellent threads on the topic. I was going to link to some here, but there were too many. Try 'storage' in the forum search.

I re-use nice packaging from other things that works with the odd shape. I live alone, so privacy isn't an issue. My favourite toys are in the two halves of a gift box which held small bottles of wine. The bottom part is a good height for standard toys and has sturdy dividers. I made some dividers for the top part and keep smaller toys in that. Lets me store a lot in a small space.

Just an example of how to adapt something while waiting for others to find the thread.

Hi if kids are the issue and locking tool box would work, but be careful about the size because this can become an addictive habit.


Who now keeps hers in 3 A4 sized archive boxes and still needs another one!

We have a nice zip up case that we got from here. Trouble is it's full now!

I have a pretty pink box that's quite large that I put everything in and then drawstring bags to keep most of the toys separate.

I keep them in the bedside draw easy access

I keep my toys in a bedside box, and all my different outfits and shoes in a big holdall on top of the wardrobe!!!

Kids are really good and don't bother poking around....... mainly cuz i threatened to poke around their room if they did!!! lol

I don't have many toys, so keep them in a bedside drawer with my lingerie in the drawer below them.

I use an old cigar box that I keep in the drawer under the bed, nice and easy to get to. It holds all my cock rings, vibrating cock rings, spare batteries, lube, condoms and little blue pills etc.

I have a few toy cases in the wardrobe.

But may have to use a suitcase soon.

Mine were all in a shower bag in the drawer at first but now there are too many, so they're loose in the draw and wardrobe too!

I have mine organised in two nice storage boxes next to my bed. Pussy toys in one box, and anal toys in the other. :)

In my ass most of the time! =]

When not though, neatly organised & locked away in the bottom drawer of a filing cabinet!


In a shoe box under shoe boxes fulla shoes... if anyone can be arse rading through all 20 odd boxes they can have a nosey :L and at that its just plain black box (no clue where those shoes are or what they even look like lol)... maybe a small hard weekend case with a lock? i know how i liked to dig for christmas pressies x

In a small lockable trunk on top of the wardrobe for us.

i have a divan bed with 2 of the draws filled with toys, daughter knows not to go into mummys room unless has permission xx

in a locked box under the bed( Slut honey you never show up to chat to are you always invisable

In a pink zippable bag, sort of like a shower bag, under the bed in a toybox no-one ever goes in anymore. I may have to buy a LH large giftbox soon to keep them in though, the case is nearly full! Can't wait till I move out my parents house, I will miss them but it'll be great that I won't have to hide them so carefully anymore, and I'll be able to play with myself whenever I want :)

I found a large apothecaries cabinet in a sale and did it up, it works a treat, though it is almost full

the different size drawers are ideal for keeping things tidy

Live alone so no prying eyes to hide them from

We keep ours in plastic drawers from Hobbycraft. They're great... but it's just the two of us here. Wouldn't be so great if we had kids.... could maybe put the drawers inside a locking cupboard or something though - it depends how large your collection is! God knows what we're going to do when we have kids, at the rate we're going we're going to need a spare room to keep all our stuff in!