Where do you keep your toys?

My collection is expanding on a weekly basis and I've running out of space..
I need somewhere to keep them all together.

So where do you keep your toys?

Heaps of people have been talking about this here http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/community/forums/sex-toys/651035-sex-toys-how-do-you-store-them/page-4/#p754111

I keep mine in a chest at the end of the bed.

we keep ours in an old handbag in a drawer under the bed, but were going to need a suitcase soon lolx

Considering we only started buying toys after , that book! We are now onto a suitcase!!

i bought myself two pink underbed storage boxers for mine,i then put the toys in some very handy clear zipper bags which have two compartments :) also have a few pencil cases as i really didnt want a sea of purple bags, also its easier having everything clear so i can see what is in each bag :)

i used to keep my toys under my bed till I got a floor bed.

I'm considering investing in a make up box (with all the compartments) it seems like a good idea.

Just ordered a lockable box because I'm getting worried that the kids might search for Christmas presents in a couple of months. Might be paranoia, but I found The Joy of Sex in the wardrobe when I was looking for Christmas presents as a kid.

I made a false bottom for one of my bedroom draws very discreet if people knew the pleasures hidden inside haha.

We've got a nice big basket/hamper thing at the end of the bed. Just big enough for our crop whip to fit diagonally

Going to have to look at a lockable alternative to keep the 2 & 1/2 year old out though. A suitcase sounds good

we have a large ottoman at the end of the bed for all the toys, whips/crops/paddles are hung up on hooks on the back of the door and have 2 drawers full of underwear, not bad in just over a year :-)

I keep mine in really pretty boxes made by tri-coastal designs because they look gorgeous in my bedroom and no one would be the wiser :P haha

i keep most of my toys in a product called a Lunch Boxxx which looks like it could be a jewellery box & the accompanying travel case https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lunch-Boxxx/233834003342150 and i have some things i keep in LH bags in a draw

Mine are spread between 3 black and white boxes I got from the card factory, they're parfect sizes to be able to organise things between :) Plus the drawer on the bedside table for bottles, condoms, cleaner etc :)

Most are in a draw under the bed. We have rather a lot. There are a few, various cock rings in a bedside draw and then all the shoes and dressing up kit is in a suitcase in the wardrobe. Oh and the bondage wrist chains are under the mattress and just need pulling out to come into play.

In the 17 other threads on the subject. Plenty of room there.

I'll look I to lockable boxes. I'm regretting my change to a floor bed and a shelved closet now as under the bed in a box or in a draw seems to be the most sensible opinion.

Hi Holz1o5. we have ours in a big felt bag with draw strings in a suit case in our bed room cupboard.

Going to have to invest in some LH toy bags; a silicon wand attachment had a disagreement with a rabbit wave. The rabbit just survived but the attachment was ruined :(

I'm not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing that I only have one but I keep it in the drawer hahah

I have quite a few and keep them in a chest in our wardrobe, though I may need another box soon!