Where do you masturbate?

Depends if the wife is at home or not, if she is then in the bedroom or my office room, if she isn’t at home then anywhere I find comfortable in the house.

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In the living room when the kids are asleep (baby in our room atm). Alternatively, in the bathroom with the Fleshlight before a shower.

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Just wanted to say thanks for the advice, whilst not had a full chat yet I am dropping hints a bit more (not always otherwise she’ll just think I’m always horny, which I am).

That weekend when she was going out with friends I mentioned to her that when she comes home if she wanted to ‘wake’ me up in a special way then I wouldn’t object.

Well she came home earlier, I didn’t think I’d be getting anything but when I went up to say goodnight she was dressed in a beautiful black see-through camisole & knickers… what an amazing view! Needless to say we had a lovely time with each other :wink:

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@Anon220202 aww mate, that’s awesome to hear! Yeah, I’ve found being completely honest with my OH has helped her see the positive impact she can have on me.

The most important bit has been taking blame out of it … and just expressing my love and desire for her. It’s helped my OH feel more confident sexually, rather than feeling like she was letting me down (a real libido-killer)

I’ve been helped so much even from just reading other people stories here. So glad you’re also feeling more positive. Stoked for you!! :grin:

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Where ever I can when Mrs me is not around - she’d be horrified​:sweat_smile:

Following on from where do married men masterbate I thought I would even up the conversation by asking where do women masterbate
I will start it by saying usually in my bedroom but i do enjoy bringing myself off in the bath

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Usually in bed or a few in tew in the bathroom, not proud of those but needs must :joy: fitting in some time for self love has been MUCH harder since WFH as we only have one bedroom and hubby’s desk is in there, and he’s usually in meetings throughout the day. Otherwise he’d probably help me :joy:


Usually in bed with OH’s knowledge. Started during pregnancy, when she found it difficult and sometimes uncomfortable and I needed (wanted?) a little relief. Now she will sometimes suggest I knock one out.

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Usually bed, shower/bath etc

But i have done it in the car before.

Depends on my mood.


Shower head lol @Loopylou

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Blow into your hands and then swallow it that’s what I do

I would love to blow a wank over a guy while he is being a friendly slut with other guys

You wo[quote=“Davy_Brown, post:29, topic:253990, full:true”]

Bedroom, shower, middle of the night if I can't sleep. 😉

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Everywhere. I’m always horny! It is more exciting if I could get caught

I’ve done it laying in bed with the morning wood. My OH is not a morning person. The shower also works well for me.