Where do you masturbate

I have a healthy sex life with my partner but still like to masturbate often. Apart from the obvious what unusual places do you have a crafty play


Only in bed and only when I’m given permission. Sometimes alone, sometimes with an audience of one.


I will play in bed or in the shower, I also like to do it Infront of hubby and when he orders me to. If he’s at work I’ll send him videos/photos. and sometimes when we go he’ll put my love egg in and take control of it. He likes to see my expressions when he changes the speed and vibration patterns.


I sometimes like to sit on the stairs and play.

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All over the house. Sofa, bed, shower, stairs. Anywhere I can put a fleshlight or set up some porn I’m good


Bathroom or bedroom for me … I’m a parent ! Lol


If he is home it will usually be in the bathroom but if he is not around usually the bedroom or in the lounge on the sofa.

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I miss having a house, I use to like sitting on the stairs, or in the kitchen.

It’s not much fun now being in a flat I’m in as it’s a open plan so masturbating in the kitchen feels like you are masturbating in the living. My normal places are bedroom and bathroom. Can’t even masturbate just outside my bedroom as thats right near my front door so the person opposite would hear :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil:

I remember a certain erotic video from my younger years of a beautiful woman sitting on the stairs with a blue toy. It was one of the sexiest things I’ve ever seen.


Lounge, kitchen / lounge, bedroom. Anywhere private with only my wife being in proximity.
Travel with work, so it often fills a boring evening stuck in a hotel room.

The official answer for me would be “wherever the mood takes me”, but in truth, most times it’s in my bedroom cos I like to relax, do a lot of all-over pleasuring etc., and that’s where all my toys are. :slightly_smiling_face:

Same here, bathroom or bedroom, as its the only place thats safe in our house … lol

My normal are bedroom , bathroom and home office . But really enjoy when out on a trip in our motor home or as you call it caravan . Out in our back yard on a starry night . Have enjoyed myself out in the mountains on a sunny day and one special day under a small waterfall . Too many people these days to try it most places .


Yours is definitely a motor home. A caravan is like a shed you drag round on the back of your tow bar. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Defo only have a play in my room kneeling on the floor so can have a nice toy play lol

Lol. Just about anywhere I think I can get away with it

Bedroom and bathroom, if im lucky and can get some time when everyones out of the house sometimes also the sofa

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Bedroom or bathroom for me! Although if I’m only, I will often have a play while on the sofa

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In the carport occasionally. At night on my screened in front porch.

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90% of the time the only place quiet enough is the bathroom.