Where do you like your man to cum ??

red hot cum on my eager awaiting clit ooooohhhhhhhh
what about you lesley

i definately prefere in me to on me *giggle*

With you on that ....lovely and hot!! Don't mind it on my tits.....usually get it on my bum and back...the only downside with doggy!

i like it in me ... over me ...

On prawn curries (joke)

In a condom, lol. I'm a complete neat freak.

I'm still waiting for the first ...."in my mouth" reply...

Re princessjoro 86.....On prawn curries(joke)
What about "tossed" Salad Dressing !

On my wife's stomach, or on a towel, lol.

Ok, lesleys, in your mouth. Sorry couldn't resist

I like it on my belly or over my boobs.. or even on my clit.. I am wanting him to come o n my back next.. so im waiting for the dreaded cycle to get on its bike and go0 !! ^^

By eating different foods ie garlic, asparagus, chillies etc the taste of your man's cum changes flavour apparantly. ( A gay friend of mine told me this )

Laynie,cumming on your back you don't get the buzz of seeing him cum,you just get the hot blobs splashing on you and drying all sticky in places you can't reach!Much better front side on where you can appricate the view.
"Mr Cravings".......your wicked!

In me, in any oriface

i'm another one who loves him cumming over me, across my stomach and boobs, but he tends to shoot pretty hard, so it gets a lot of me, including face sometimes... not that i mind actually lol...

I love cumming all over Mrs Strapons face while her mouth is open so she gets a good mouthful of it too. She loves my cum generally in her mouth or pussy, but enjoys it wherever! It just bugs her when she doesnt get a taste of it.

Well, I love my man to come in my pussy, or over my boobs, but I'm with Mrs Strapon, I love it best when he comes in my mouth! Yummy

Love it in my face and mouth Mmmmmm.

On my tits or in my mouth mmmm,