Which do you prefer?

Would you rather
large girth with small length
long length with slim girth?

(Can be either prefer to have or prefer to have sex with) just wondering :) and i wanted to start a new thread haha

long length for me, only real pleasure i get out of penetration is from the cervix

In the words of my Grandfather;
'Long and thin goes too far in and doesn't please the ladies.
Short and thick does the trick and manufactures babies!'
I like short and thick as I love girth and don't need much length to hit my g-spot :)

I prefer long and slim. I dont like to feel over stretched by a huge girth and I like there to be room for manoeuvring to hit all the right spots !

i lov emy partners slim 7 inches however when choosing a dildo i opt for a girthy small one to mainly stimulate my gspot

Defiantly long and slim. I've tried some toys which have a bit of a bigger girth to them and that didn't really do anything for me.

Haha Lovebirds that is a great little saying and sound like something my grandad would come out with!

I would say long and slim. I don't like to feel overstretched at all and even if it's loo long to take it all in you don't have to, just as much as you want.


Having experienced both, probably short and girthy. I don't need deep penetration to feel good but if it's too thin it doesn't hit the spot, and barely feels like anything is going on. That being said, I don't like being really stretched either!

I struggle with even slim girths, so slim and long definitely