Which Fleshlight?

So, I bought a Pro Ultra Zoey stroker. I couldn't be more disappointed.

To start with, it was an absolute struggle getting my cock into the thing. The hole was very small and when I did attempt to insert my cock, the sleeve ended up pushing into the cup and revealing the sharp plastic rim that is supposed to hold the sleeve in place.

Needless to say, I cut the side of my cock and ended up with blood everywhere.

I can't actually masturbate right now because of the pain.

My question is, would I be better off just forking out the huge money for a FLeshlight? And, if so, which one? Does anyone who is quite girthy have any recommendations for me?

Yep, one of the Fleshlight girls, Angela White is long and not too tight but feels awesome. Other thing you may want to consider is the Tenga Zen, it feels great and it’s stretchy length and widthways half the price of a Fleshlight.

I say the Zen because I’m like you and the spiral can be a bit too rough if you’re wider, even with loads of lube.

The Tenga flips won’t work for you...

Fleshlights are great. I have a few for the different vaginas and internal shapes which do feel different. They all feel and look so lifelike. On occasion I have been known to perform oral on them as they look so good!

Fleshlight are a great and realistic masturbators my favourite Fleshlight is Riley Reid.


Yup the Riley Reid ass is amazing, but it is quite tight as is the vagina version. They should accomodate most sizes though as the material is really soft and stretchy. I think there are some that aren't as tight and might be a better option.

Another vote for a flesh light, great products.

The "Flight" arrived today and it's quite wonderful...I had a fleshlight a while ago which didn't do much for me, not sure why. After trying a few cheaper masturbators in the last few months, also pretty good, I thought I'd give fleshlight another spin.

My boyfriend bought the Christy Mack one and absolutely loves it,he says it feels good and easy to clean and looks exactly like her genitalia too! The good thing about it is he can watch her and imagine doing it in real life!