Which is the best massage lube?

I've been reading though all the different lubes on LoveHoney.

Which is the best one for massage? Must be condom safe, and either tasteless or nice tasting. A lot of the products say they're great for massage but don't tell you what they taste like.



The durex 2 in 1 in a massage gel and is edible i believe, but doesn't have the most wonderful taste of massage gels. However a friend of mine finds the taste quite nice so i guess it's down to the person. I've also used the frozen massage melts which are nice but i haven't tried eating them yet!

My advice is test out a copuple and see which is your favourite! :-)

I quite like the Durex Heat lube which tastes okay and is great as an intimate lube, but doesn't really go far enough for massage.

I think I might get a bottle of that Liquid Silk. It gets great reviews as a lube, but the reviews taste-wise are a bit mixed.

The KY massage oil/lube is fantastic for both massage and as a lube - we have the tingle one which smells nice and minty but isn't too overpowering, I've not tasted it as I don't use lube for oral but then again, we don't use condoms so I imagine you need something to cover the taste of the condom?

KY also do a warming version too but for some reason it's more than double the price of the tingly one, so we tried the tingle one first and it's lasting really well - and we use a lot on each other!! It doesn't go sticky either so no need to wash it off after playtime.

You mention you like the durex heat lube - how warm does it get ? - I love the idea but my hubby doesn't fancy it at all - we've been very disappointed with the durex play tingle, simply not enough" tingle" at all, the only time I feel it is after sex, I don't get any tingles during the heat of the moment! That does taste slighly sweet but you can't use it for massage unless you used the whole bottle on a small area, lol. I used a lot last night to see if it would work and although hubby loved the sensation of being really covered in it, he got no tingle either, it doesn't seemed to be activated by body heat or friction either.

I didn't get on with the Durex Tingle either. Neither of us could feel anything, and I just thought it felt a little "cold" after a while - not a nice sensation at all. Plus it dried up in a couple of minutes and we had to keep adding more. I did read somewhere that apparently you don't always get the tingle if you don't shake the bottle first? It doesn't say that on the bottle, and I didn't get that piece of advice until we'd given up with it and chucked it out.

The Durex Heat doesn't really do anything either. It says to blow on it which to us never really did anything. It did feel very slightly warm occasionally but rather at random! Never could work out what set it off. But it wasn't really hot or anything like that. I just liked it because it never seemed to dry out, it lasted for ages, and had a decent taste.

The reason I ask about a decent massage lube that tastes okay is because it's going to be with a new partner. It needs to be good for the massage back/legs etc. but should things start to get a little steamy I don't want to have to worry if I've got it all off before my lips start getting involved ... I'm not actually intending on using it directly for oral. I quite like Durex Very Cherry for that, if anything at all!

The Durex 2 in 1 is marketed as massage gel/lube, but I hated it. Dried up quickly, not a nice texture, smelled bad, tasted worse. I think we chucked the bottle. Just saying.

Thanks Darth ... tips on what to avoid are just as good as tips on what to try!

I was just reading the reviews of the 250ml Liquid Silk, I'd only read the reviews of the smaller bottle last night. Maybe LoveHoney could find some way of combining reviews of the same product that just come in different quantities?

A lot of the current reviews say it is tasteless and oderless. But the older views say it tastes and smells vile. Maybe they changed the formula? Can anyone give me an up to date verdict?

I use it and while it does have a taste, it is very very mild and nto nasty at all. As it absorbs rather than going sticky I think it would be nice for massage too x

Okay that's good enough for me, think I'll order some!

Thanks BBBE :-)

Try Almond Oil, very pleasant smell & taste. Excellent for your skin too. Available from most supermarkets.

No idea if it's safe for johnnies though. There's always some boffin who knows the answer to this stuff on here. Hope they can be a bit more whizz bang with the science for you.

I would think not MD, the 'oil' is a giveaway ;) oil rots latex basically.

redapple wrote:

Nice ... but not for condoms or those with a nut allergy ....... xx

Well my missus has never had a problem with my nuts!

Thought it was only sythentic & mineral oils that rotten latex. Thought veg oils etc were ok. Still if in doubt, don't risk it for a biscuit!

Hmmm, but if it was a Jammy Dodger or a Fig biscuit...... That might be different, I'd play Russian Roulette for a Crinkle Crunch cream! I think they have smack in them!

I see you are still as addicted as ever to those damn biscuits Mucky, im telling you, you must keep up with the Biscuits Anonomous group meetings! :-P

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PS. You know i loves ya ;)

I think you'd have to be a Jammy Wagon wheel, Morbidia. everyone loves Jammy wagon wheels. I especially like to lick the sweet filling out of them! *wink!*

Still as cheeky as ever i see Mucky ;-P

Mmmm, wagon wheel.......*drifts off to think of yumminess*

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You bring out my naughty side Morbidia! Espcially when you tickle my belly! See, tickle.. Massage...nearly on topic!

I am a dab hand at massage if I do say so myself. Problem is, Mrs Duck always falls asleep!! Cow! I'm too much of a Gentleduck to take advantage when her PJ's are hanging down past her sexy little bum.

Problem with massage oil is that a bottle lasts forever, we've got shite in the wardrobe from 10 Crimbos past!

Oooh, im pleased i have that effect Mucky *tickles your belly* ;)

Awww, Mucky a gentleduck??? Who knew? hehehe. Thought you'd do your usual of poking her in the back, and see the reaction you get, hhehe :)

Im always worried about giving massages, im not confident with my own skills, even though ive been told i have a divine touch, me and the OH use almond oil aswell, tis nice :)

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I think I'll have to try the old 'pokey pokey poke poke' tonight. Mrs Duck is preggars again (HOORAH) so little Mucky hasn't been out to play in the past three months (BOO!). A bit of Dastardly cunning could be required! Either that or the Fleshlight's comming out again!