Which part of you is pierced?

If it's your Tongue, you can find some splendid £1.99 bargains in the LoveHoney Body Jewellery sale here:


Anyone got any erotic piercing stories to share? ;-)

nah i just go t me tongue, belly n ears soz :(

Just my ears at the mo.

Did have a belly piercing a year ago but it got infected so I had to take it out :'(

Had ears done when I was about 10 - nothing exciting there. Had my navel done for bellydancing and nearly 4 years ago I had my tongue pierced - I love it :-D Funnily enough my now ex got me it for an xmas prestent and he never got to experience it... My current partner likes it though

And I did buy a tonguevine from that sale but had to cut down the underside bit already just to get it on, the whole thing is just too bulky for my but I'm going to give it a shot for blowing just to see.

I don't have any erotic piercings but at my club once a girl had 4 genital piercings and she was bound spreadeagle on a cross, each piercing had a chain hooked to it and the other end attached to a weight placed on the floor at her feet to the chains pulled taut. I'd LOVE to have experienced that!!! It looked very erotic and I'm not much of a voyeur

Now let’s see?
BumBum’s got her:-
Double Tongue
One Nipple
Double Belly
One Above the Clit
Two on Her Inner Lips below the Clit

Oh other then the above
Four in each ear
One Nostril
One on the side upper lip

got me a prince albert....

belly and ears!! not adventurous i know but there you go !!

I'm very boring at the moment -- only my ears.
I've got snakebites (that's two vertical labrets [lower lip piercings]) at the top of my list of piercings I'm wanting right now, but any time I save up some money, I end up spending it elsewhere (like on sex toys, lol).
There aren't really any traditionally erotic piercings I fancy. Mostly due to the fact I'd be terrified of anything going wrong with the piercing and losing sensation -- I just couldn't cope!