Which remote control vibrating egg?

So I've had the Lelo Lyla 2 in my wish list for ages, but I don't know - something is stopping me from making the plunge. Possibly the cost, but I've got other Lelo products and I know they are worth it. (I keep reminding myself of LH's returns policy but I still haven't purchased it yet). So I thought I'd ask you knowledgeable people - which is your favourite remote control vibrating egg?

What do I want from it? Total control for my husband. :o)
I want to wear it while we're out and about and him to be able to reach into his pocket and give me a quick blast without anyone knowing (so it has to be whisper quiet). I also want to wear it for some teasing/edge play. Say he ties me up, leaves the room, and every now and again he gives me a blast while he's in the lounge (so it has to have a good range).

My question about remote control eggs is if we turn them on, insert the egg, and then go out. How long before the connection between the two turns off? And can they be re-synced when the egg is inside me?

Hi Letstrythis, I have 2 remote control eggs - and I personally find that the Adrian Lastic version is the best, see link below. The good thing about this one is the remote control. The remote has a very good range - for example you can be separated in any part of the house. But the best feature is the LED screen on the remote which lets your partner know if the egg is on or off and what setting is being used. I have reviewed this egg in more detail which you can see following the link below.

One important point... Always take the batteries out of any egg when not in use, as their batteries will go flat within a day if left inside.

I hope this helps :) xx

Apologies - please see link below:)


This is the only one I own but I wouldn't recommend it was its very weak. http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=28099

Ah yes - the whole batteries vs rechargeable debate. We only own one battery operated toy. I far prefer rechargeable which was one thing that was leading me towards the Lelo egg. But then the remote itself isn't rechargeable and is battery powered so either way we'll be having to get batteries (sulks).

Thanks for the recommendation Scorpius. At least that one is only AAA batteries which are always lying around the house. Benefit of the one you recommend is definitely the cost. It would mean come pay day (Monday woo hoo) I could treat us to other things as well. I think it is important for him to see/feel what sensations he's sending me. (He knows what works lol). How loud is the Adrian Lastic when it's inside you? It seems quite loud on the LH video but I don't know if I'm just being paranoid (although that will most definitely add to the play when out in public).

Thanks Lolli (that feels rather presumptious shortening your name - but I've been reading these threads since July albeit not posting much; and over that time I feel like I've gotten to know some of you regulars lol)... you are right - it is just as important to know which eggs to avoid as well as which ones are people's favourites!! Thanks!

The other thing I should add really is I've yet to orgasm from internal only vibrations. So the egg isn't really wanted for that - just to make me stir really. (Although wow if I could have that sweet spot buzzed enough I would not turn it down ha!)