which toy

I hope you can help !
I have been visiting this site for a while but have not been able to find anything that can help !
so I hope you can

this is probably the wrong section but forgive kme I am new !

My girlfriend and I do like sex toys I love using them on her most of all

We have a small selection but still cant find that one ! if you know what i mean

We are looking for a vibe that can be used internally ans well as externally (clit)

She loves the bullet type while I preffer the noraml vibe type to use on her as it as easier to hold and manover

we have the hitachi wonder (mains) which is ok for some things

we both like its power . but its ugly big and cumbersome

so we are looking for something with loads of power abut a lot smaller and prettyer !

if possible smething that I can uses on her while I am inside as well

we have tried quite a few but as yet where they are good for one thing the fall down in other areas !



This is my favourite vibrator, I use it clitorally and penetratively - honestly, it gets sooo much damn use lol:


I love it, what more can I say!

Both look good to me !

Sorry Carly your link didnt work tho I did manage t find it

Pity my poor wallet !

Thank you

The Bang Bang Bunny is good fun. It's essentially a bullet but the controls are separate so you can take turns in control and it's much cheapness!