White lingerie set recommendations?


I’ve always really wanted the ‘Cherish Me’ lingerie set, but the only size available wouldn’t fit me as I’m usually L but it’s M.

Are there any similar sets on lovehoney that you’ve seen and liked, or any that you have? I just can’t seem to find many!

There’s this Seven til Midnight one

This also isn’t technically white but looks like a very light pink! Maybe not suitable if you’re wanting something white but thought I’d give it a shout anyway - I have it in black and its gorgeous!

This one looks gorgeous too, but sizing may be an issue again.

Sorry to not be much help, hope you find what you’re looking for! :blush:


Hey @BluePup!

I see what you mean. Literally the last 3 white/ivory items I’ve had, have all now been discontinued. Maybe lovehoney are planning a new white range :smirk:

I had that cherish me one you suggested in plus size and it was awesome.

There’s a body stocking? Can never go wrong with those :heart_eyes:

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Thank you so much for the lovely recommendations!

It’s so very lovely, but just too feminine for me unfortunately! If only it was white! I do love it though.

I’ve had my eye on this for a while- the hearts on the suspender belt are adorable! It’s one I’m definitely thinking of getting.

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I very much hope so! I’d instantly buy the whole lot!

I’m thinking about buying the M of it just so I can maybe fit it in the future- I’m not too far off the size since I’ve been losing weight and I’m aiming to lose more. I think I might buy this payday coming just so I don’t ever miss out!

I’ve never had a body stocking but I have been tempted!

I was also thinking it may be something they sell more of in spring/summer due to weddings being more popular around that time! At the moment they have the Christmas Lingerie out :woman_shrugging:t2:

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@BluePup Just buy it haha.

The back has super adjustable straps and I mind the pants being pretty comfy too.

I would definitely look into a bodystocking. All in one, very stretchy and just down right comfy. Cute, yet sexy.

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I might just have to! It sounds like a plan for when I get paid. I can’t really miss out!

I was just quickly looking through your reviews since you’ve got a lot for lingerie- and oh my, I’m so jealous that you have the tokidoki wand! It’s before my Lovehoney time, so I ended up missing out!

My lovely deep suspender belt has also been discontinued in white, as have my white fishnet stockings :frowning:

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@Melody1 I think I have the same white stockings. It’s such a shame as it’s all really lovely!

These ones?. I love them so much I bought a second pair when the went on clearance. The belt is beautiful too, so I bought that in black as well (for full price - less review discount :wink: )
(Sorry, I managed to resist linking to my own photo first time around)


@Melody1 yeah I have those! I don’t blame you- they’re so lovely and comfortable! They look great on you too :heartbeat:


@ChloJakes I took the plunge today and purchased! I’m excited to see what it’s like in person!

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