Who is your celebrity (or not) weird crush

Having a bit of a thing for women with mc1r gene Alyson Hannigan does it for me, Willow from Buffy anyone…

I always used to have a thing for Jayne Seymour (medicine woman) when I was younger and that xena warrior princess one did it for me too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Gotta love buzz and woody :wink:

It’s their big chests…arms and tidy bums…

Buzz and Mr Incredible…

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It can go in the Meme Thread though!

They sound like they should have spin-off sex toys. :joy_cat:

I’ve replied to this before but recently I had a bit of a crush on bargain hunts Natasha Raskin Sharp, I think it’s her boyish looks that I like that draw me to her but she’s definitely my favourite.

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Sarah young (porn star) Jennifer Aniston

Who is your quilty /secret celebrity crush?
Mine is the Australian music artist Keith Urban. I don’t know what it is about him but I can’t keep my eyes off him. And his voice just makes me weak at the knees

Kate Beckinsale / Blake Lively hands down my two favourites.

Oh I have had a few over the years.

Debra Harry-Blondie
Susannah Hoffs
Samantha Janus, alright Womach pff :wink:

Nadja and Villanelle, Dont ask

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Just lately I find something very sexy about meena in emmerdale.

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Cillian Murphy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Recently I’ve been very taken by the lovely Nadiya Hussain, can’t resist her friendly face and the thought of those cakes :yum:

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There is something about the female news reader. Specially when they are stood up in their wrap around dresses and heels.

Always wonder if they are silk or lace wearers…

'@Benji77 Any particular female newsreaders?

@kinkymira Sophie Raworth , Nina Warhurst, Nina Hossain to name a few… How about you?


Sally Nugent, Naga Munchetti & Katya Adler