Who takes sex toys on overseas holidays?

We thinking of going on a criuse where there will be plenty of time to relax and make love, but would love to take the odd toy or two for some spice.
Whats holds us back is the thought of all baggage being scanned and maybe subject to customs examination.

We've never been on a cruise, so I don't know what the scanning and security is like, but we always take some toys with us when we go abroad and up to now never had any trouble at the airports. The types of toys we never take is anything with batteries rechargable ones, just in case the security don't like the look of the electronics in them.
Anyway good luck and have a great cruise 😉

I would say I dont think they will stop you but I am not sure about lube. more research is needed lol.

Take toys that require battery as this is the best way to be safe. Then buy battery when you are on holiday.

Find a place to by some lube also when on holiday.

It depends where you're going. Certain places don't allow sex toys and they can be confiscated.

surly this would be OK it there is no battery's in them? I'm sure u could buy some batterys there.

I was more concerned about the embarassment of a case being opened by an official and being asked what is it for. I guess these guys see this stuff all the time so won't bat an eyelid.

Never had a problem we take our toys every time we fly just be aware of battery rules

I saw an online video recently of a guy at the airport playing a prank. He had strapped a dildo to a full water bottle. The guard had said "we don't ask questions but you cant take that amount of water on the plane".

I dont know what a cruise would be like but would depend on the destination too. Countries that have a sex toy ban can dispose of them, fine you or even put you in custody. Need to respect their rules.

I would check the countries laws on sex toys and perhaps even phone the cruise company. We are all grown ups after all. Good luck ☺

We have taken our Doxy plus lubes, plus attachments etc. on several holidays and cruises and never had a problem. However, it does depend on the country's own rules. We visited Dubai a couple of weeks back and sex toys into the country are an absolute no no. Being embarrassed is one thing but breaking the law is quite another.

On a practical note, we only used the Doxy during the day - late at night might have been a bit too noisy!

In most circumstances there's no problem. I only had one bad one in Korea where my rechargable batteries were confiscated.

In most circumstances there's no problem. I only had one bad one in Korea where my rechargable batteries were confiscated.

I don't!

Here's a list of countries that don't allow sex toys

  • Maldives.
  • Saudi Arabia.
  • The United Arab Emirates.
  • Thailand.
  • Vietnam.
  • India.
  • Malaysia.
  • The United States (Alabama)

We always take toys and lube away with us and have never had any problems. Just make sure you abide by the restrictions (i.e. pack lube in your checked-in luggage, don't bring batteries etc.) and you're grand.

On cruises the security is far less intense than at airports. I've never seen open-bag searches being conducted for eaxmple. Judging by the quantities of booze people bring aboard I don't think liquids will be a problem!

There's a link to this post, if travelling to Australia and you have a stop over in Dubai (or any Muslim/Arabic country)say, Don't take any toys!

Did it the other way round, few years ago went to Kefalonia and there was one of these 'gift shops' that sold everything from post cards to a selecetion of toys. We bought a pretty big dildo and a set of really mucky playing cards. Bought them back in the luggage no problem. Playing cards got chucked years ago but have still got that dildo...

I am flying to Melbourne via Abu Dhabi in two weeks. There are only three hours between flights both ways. I plan to take a butt plug and this: https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=35750 with me. I have never been outside Europe before so I am not sure if there's a difference between stopovers where you stay overnight and a quick transit like mine. Would I be OK with my toys in my hold luggage?

We go to the Middle East a few times each year and always take some toys with us. Make sure you remove batteries before packing and buy your batteries once you're in the departure area. We've never been stopped.