Why avoid certain sex toys

I have just published a post on my site, about why you should avoid certain materials and what sex toy products that I personally reccomend.

It's a bit of a read but hope you like it.


Brilliant read, full of great advice & information.

The lack of regulation in the industry is definitely an issue! I learned the hard way with some decomposing toys based on their materials...straight in the bin and never again! It's a shame, because I really want to try the Ann Summers Rampant Rabbit The Rotating One (can't post a link), but due to the material I'm not going to bother. Even thinking of buying ulltra-thin condoms to use it with, but then there's still the other issues with storing it with PVC bacteria-growth / chemicals :(

Great website by the way, keep it up! x

I used to always by jully toys, not knowing of the risks of the porous material and when storing together they would melt and didn't know why until I found a thread on these forums.

Your post is very informative Blueeyes, thanks for sharing.

Seeing threads like this make me so worried but the toys I own :/ think I need to be a little morn informed so I will have a read :P x

thank you folks x

I've had a few near missues with porous products. One was a doc johnson cyberskin thingy, it left my foo foo sore. It was like that for days, so went to the dr and they said I'd had an reaction to something and had little burn blisters around my 'lips' :(

The other one was a hard jelly butt plug, I left it in my draw, forgot about it and a few months later, noticed a horrid smell. It had reacted to something (not sure what) but was half melted.

Think I am going to have a little clear out O.o