Why do the realistic vagina's only come in white?!

Me and my OH were very excited to see the Monica realistic vagina on today's deal of the day. Sadly, we regularly have to spend weeks at a time away from each other so he has been thinking about getting one for when he's 'missing me'. I showed him the email and asked if he'd like it for Christmas, he replied with an excited yes! However, to our disappointment this toy doesn't come with any other colour options.

I am mixed race and have brown coloured skin and my boyfriend (who is white, not that that matters I guess I'm not sure why I mentioned that) of course wanted one to match my own. We looked through all of the realistic vagina/ass/mouth toys and found that Lovehoney stocks just one brown skinned toy and one black skinned toy that we can see. The brown is a fleshlight celebrity vagina which of course defeats the point of my boyfriend wanting to imagine it is mine, so unfortunately it looks like he isn't able to get one (I'm perfectly fine with him having a white coloured toy or getting the brown celebrity one, but he isn't happy with it)

Any other people out there annoyed by the lack of racial diversity in these toys, or is it just us?.

i have actually noticed that, no idea why it is. although it really doesnt matter that its a mould of someone else, plus i bought OH the jenna haze and he looked her up... not the same.

My fella asked on the pander to me thread and LH are looking into it for next year. I know that doesn't help for now, but at least it's a step in the right direction x

I'm not even remotely in the market for sleeves/strokers of any kind but I've noticed it too! It's pretty weird, I wonder why.

It is very odd!

Just out of curiosity, why couldn't he imagine the celebrity one is you if he would be able to imagine the lovehoney one? If he doesn't know/watch the celebrity then it doesn't really make a difference, I mean none of them will look exactly like you nor will they look exactly like anyone else (inc the celeb ones). Not to mention that they will feel nothing like you anyway, so imagination will be required no matter what colour/shape it is.

Not trying to argue with you, just seems like he's scared to like a celeb one just because it is a 'real woman' when really they aren't as close as you'd think. We have a couple of celeb ones and they're just nicer looking/more detailed than the regular 'lady' opening, we've watched the actresses in question and don't see an overwhelming resemblence. They're all just fake vaginas! :)

The colour thing is probably exactly the same reason they only stock all the other toys on here in a limited colour selection, they have limited space and have to keep stock to only what sells best. Or it could be that adding pigments either gives an unrealistic colour or changes the actual texture of the material in a negative way. We'd like some alternate fleshtones too but there is probably a good reason why they only come in 'flesh pink'.