Why has everything changed?

Hi everyone I can't help but notice the lay out of lovehoney on my iPhone has completely changed. And I hate it, I can't use it at all and it's really slow! It didn't even show profile pics.

I won't be using lovehoney on my phone anymore if it doesn't go back to the way if was!

Is anyone else getting this problem? Thanks

I have noticed different headers and tagged threads have changed. Perhaps they are updating the forum?

I am on the computer and the forums loads fine, as does the profile pictures.

Yep, my android phone is having exactly the same problem. It was fine an hour ago??

Alice on twitter has just said that a new fully responsive website has been launched, perhaps that's why it's changed on phones!

I think its only on phones I hate it! wish they'd change it back!

I think they must be trying to make the forum more user friendly for those using the mobile site.

Yeah I'm not keen either.

I really don't like it. I can't use it very well. I mean if its not broke don't fix it. :(

Hi all,

Yes - I can confirm we have just gone live with our new responsive site, which aims to make the site more usable whether you're on a desktop, laptop, tablet, phablet or phone.

If you're on a desktop right now, try whizzing the size of the browser in and out to see the MAGIC!

Unfortunately, the previous mobile site was broken and so we did have to fix it. If you'd followed through from mailout to, say, the sale page - or tried to access a buyer's guide page you would have seen what a big FAIL it used to be.

Now, we've worked super duper hard on getting all the product pages as near to perfect as possible. The forum had to have a couple of shortcuts so as not to hold up our go-live date. Whilst this is frustrating, so many more people are visiting via mobile that we just couldn't carry on as a business without addressing the fact it was pretty useless to shop on.

We are compiling a list of forum fixes right now (such as profile photos, overlapping text, forum navigation). Please bear with us as we fix snags in the forum, and perhaps venture out to the shop to see how brilliant the rest of the site is looking. The tech team have been working on this for well over a year, so I'd personally like to give them a big congratulations on everything they've achieved so far, and look forward to it getting even better very soon!

Alice :-)

Well people be able to see people profile pictures next to their names when using lovehoney on there phones Alice? Thanks. :)

Hi Alice,

Just a quick bit of customer feedback for the tech team, can they add an option to allow mobile users to view the site as a "desktop"? This is a feature on many sites like BBC, Amazon, etc and works well for smartphones with a larger screen. Thanks :)

Lovehoney - Rachel wrote:

A quick tip for mobile users, depending on the size of your phone, some users can get a more desktop-like experience if you use your phone in landscape (or in other words turn your phone sideways). We will be continuing to develop the iste further over the next few weeks so are listening to feedback.

why do I never think of things like that??

I actually prefer it :)

I think it'll take some getting used to but so far the forum seems easier to use on my iPhone.

It would be nice to see pictures, although I haven't even worked out how to get one! But it's easier to remember familiar people by their picture than their name.

Off to have a good ponder of the rest of the site now, I was hoping there was going to be a better mobile site!! :D

Glad i found this thread, just logged back in and thought my phone had broken :(
Anyway same for me im afraid even on landscape everything just looks massive lol

Lollipop ;) wrote:

Well people be able to see people profile pictures next to their names when using lovehoney on there phones Alice? Thanks. :)

Gosh, I'd hope so! It's on the snag list :-)

Thanks Alice. =)

Well I just wish it worked better on my iPad.

I go to read a post and it hits the drop down menus

usually ends up showing me butt plugs or lingerie when I wanted to know what someone was ppostings akes ages to scroll to the bottom of a page too.

Agree I wish it worked on iPhones better. But I'm getting there.

I don't like change lol, just saying

Well I've just had a good search. Added some things to my basket and left a review for a cock ring and its much easier compared to the mobile site and a brilliant substitute for the main site.

One thing I noticed is, when I want to return to the homepage it takes me to the mobile site, I have to scroll down and click view full site to come back to the new responsive site main page. Just thought I would flag it up.

In comparison to the mobile website it's brilliant, maybe it's just because I used the mobile website more, but it's great you can now see the deals that are on the main site and you couldn't before.

I think the main issue is, people don't like change. I'm sure everyone will get used to it and grow to love it. It's so much easier than the full and mobile site on an iPhone 5.

I noticed on the full site on iPhone I would accidentally click on the bars above and it would throw me to another page, so it's much easier in that aspect. And I now don't need to scroll back and forward and zoom it because it all fits :)

So much better! :D