Wife wants to try girl on girl

Looking for Genuine interest

After lots of toys n great sex my wife has expressed she wud like to play with another women of similar age as ourselves whilst I watch and strictly only my wife is allowed to touch me and vise verse ..

Any advise on were to look to set this kind of situation up


Swingers clubs or find a local BDSM munch group. Visit local dogging areas. Fetlife is a decent place to start if your looking for a munch (basically a get together over food, everyone dressed vanilla) good place to meet other kinksters face to face. You could also solicit a professional.

I reccomend the face to face interactions because from my experience and others I know, these are the most succesful and safe.

Finding what your looking for may be difficult. The professional option is obviously the easiest, probably what I would do for the first go.

As above, if your lucky enough to have a close friend who is quite open then that can be an option but sometimes this can also weird people out. Plenty of swingers clubs up and down the UK and also a lot of forums with Similar couples or singles who want the same.

I would suggest meeting them beforehand to make sure your all comfortable and all get the same vibe. Also take into consideration your partner and let her choose her potential play partner, this was she feels comfortable and will be less intimidated. A lot of emotions are involved, it's really not always like the movies and sadly it can cause a lot of distress and upset so really discuss this with your partner and make sure all of the rules are open and agreed before making the next step.