Wife with other guys

Hey oH and me have discussed her with other guys loads of attention with me also and first just fantasy. Now makes we so horny at thought and can’t wait for it to happen. Anyone else had same thoughts did is happen ?


I think you need to fix some of the typing in your original post but it seems to me that you want to share your partner with someone else? All good if you are both on the same page.

Yeah definitely sharing and sort out the typing. She defo up for it and especially when horny and playing with her LH toys

We had many a drunken discussions about it, I would love to see her enjoying herself with someone else, with me either joining in or just watching.

We got close at one point to arranging it, but she backed out before details were finalised.

Trying to get her to visit a swingers venue, so it might not be relegated to just being a fantasy just yet.

Make sure you are both on the same page @DLJL otherwise it won’t go well in the end.

We are definitely not on the same page. I do fantasize and shared with my wife FFM or MMF fantasy. She is definitely not on board. We have a great sex life and she is happy keeping it between us two. I don’t push it, as I would rather keep
what I have. Just putting it out there as advice to make sure both are on board and talk through the possible repercussions. That’s what we did when I brought it up, talked through it realistically without being in the heat of the moment.


Totally understand. Makes me mega horny mmmf but she would defo not ffm which surprised me. Love it to happen and been close but see what 2024 brings and she loves option of being centre of attention !!


Completely agree. Not going to push the issue, it will either happen or it won’t, ultimately it is her decision.

Yes her decision totally I just go along for the ride lol

Butt as she is a bit of a Dom how far do you go !! Is it you should always try things once ???

I have always been of the mindset to try everything once… and the fun things twice.

Yeah seems fair and right! You can’t say it’s not for you if you haven’t given it a go

That’s why we have a leisure chair in our bedroom.

As strange as it seams OH says she won’t do mmf but she has done fft with me there she has also done fmt

Totally her shout. She loves guy company and attention and wants mmmf just first step !! Love to see delight in her eyes as she gets 2 cocks tho !!

We spent about 1 or t 2 years talking and working things out before we jumped in. Started out with a bit of soft swing for a while before taking it all the way. Mr Badger gets absolutly turned on when they take turns with me.

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If you have talked about it and it’s actually what you want it can be the best thing ever! You need hard limits that you both agree on that you do not change mid session! Nothing stopping you changing them afterwards but when you are in the heat if the moment and decide to pull the condom off or let the other cum in her mouth and you haven’t soeciffcly spoke about it, it will probably lead to to feelings being hurt at the very least!
Discuss what you both want and what you are both happy with or not! Sometimes fantasy should stay just that.
If you decide to go with it be careful and stick to what you agree

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Cheers good info especially things like condoms and cum !!!

If I can offer any advice it would be that you do not change your mind during what you’re doing no matter what. Talk about it after in the car or walking the dog for example, somewhere out of the bedroom and in a normal everyday situation where you’re not going to rip each others clothes off :joy:
It sounds stupid but will put things into a different perspective.
It’s an amazing thing to do but you both have to be strong in your relationship. Trust and honesty all the way no little white lies to try and make it about either of you. 100% disclosure :joy: have fun


Some great advice thank you