Wigs ?

Me and the oh have been talking and we're both into the roleplay / fantasy idea of myself in a wig as an alter ego whilst he gets to have fun with it too.Has anyone had experience of this / or which wig to purchase ? Thank you beautifuls Missbutterfly xxx

I’ve got these three




It really help in bringing out other fantasies because you can be someone else.

Theyre good quality tho so take your pick. Whatever you think suits you best

Have a few wigs, being brunette it's nice to be different sometimes, in and out of the bedroom.

Wigs definitely help if you are playing out any fantasies over meeting random strangers or to really fit the narrative of your play (i.e. old school dumb blonde etc)

Just make sure you attach it well, secure with a few bobby pins for safe measure incase any over excited grabbing stops play!

I buy cosplay wigs. They're high quality, stylable and good for when I was camming.