willing to try anything but unsure

i am completely baffled me and my oh are looking for some good rough fun yet we are complete novices.there is no imagination yeah you can tie each other up and smack with the palm but what good toys/games should we try thanks everyone morganviva xox

We're at the very basic level of S&M, so just like to play with blindfolds and silk ties. Toss a coin to see who is being tied up first. Stuff like this: http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=16308 Certainly works for us! ;)


This is a good kit, adaptable and easy to use, also comfortable and affordable. Enjoy.

Get yourself a mall flogger too, to add spice!

This crop is amazing! http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=26081

Eve the noise can be enough to make your blood pump and mouth water. You can run the cold metal handle over the spanked areas to offer a cooling sensation too.

In regards to normal spanking, have you tried dancing your finger tips over the reddened areas or blowing onto the flesh afterwards? Mix the sensations up a bit =)

I look at sex like food...

try everything once (as long as you are confident enough)

I will try anything once

You kinky girl !

Jimi Duro wrote:

You kinky girl !

Only on days ending with Y

Some ideas:

Sensual Play: Use a blindfold, Restrain your partner put on some music and try using objects that give different sensations. Like Ice, feathers, little pinches, scratches, bites, strokes, slaps and tickles. candle wax (purchase candles specifically designed for use with low melting points)


A fantastic little toy I would also suggest here is the Wartenberg pinwheel. It doesnt look much but it feels INTENSE! Try using it over delicate areas like feet, nipples, genitals, hips, thighs for squirmy fun!


Glass dildos that have been placed in the freezer or warmed in hot water are great too:


Try some of the balms that lovehoney sell, that warm the skin, or make it tingle. Use this on senstive areas like nipples and genitals:



Then to begin to increase some of the the pain elements I would recommend first of all, some nipple clamps or suckers. They feel great and you can control how intense they feel by how hard you tighten: These ones are good for starting off, and look pretty:


Have you ever considered, or tried, a pussy pump? I would recommend them. It is a perfect combination of intensity, pleasure and pain and fun. If you give the control to your partner it will heighten the anticipation and loss of control aspects. After you have used it for a while you will be so sensitive and tingly! Beware though that it does make your genitals look quite swollen and if this is a massive turn off then avoid. I have tried 3 of the lovehoney ones and this, in my opinion is the best one:


Ok so moving onto the more rough side of things. I would suggest looking through the bondage section here on lovehoney. I wont link individual whips and floggers because most of them are great, in general if you prefer a deeper more diffuse impact I would suggest the wider impact toys like spanking paddles, floggers or your palm. For a more intensely focused, stinging biting sensation you want to go for the thinner tools, like canes, riding crops and bullwhips (Careful with bullwhips, they take some practice and they can really bloody hurt or cause damage if the strike goes astray)

If you use your imagination when shopping you can also develop a little collection of impact or pain/pleasure toys that you can buy from tesco! A 99p wooden spoon maybe (spanky mmm) how about some wooden clothes pegs for pinning to senstive areas like nipples or balls or vaginal lips, the inside of the thigh, or if you want to be truly cruel you could pin them to the face (lips for example) and tell your submissive that they MUST stay in place and if one falls off they get a spank. :) You can get rope and many different types of tape (masking, electrical etc) How about putting a metal teaspoon in a cup of water with lots of ice in it, or hot water and using it on your partners skin. (careful, test it first)

Another huge thing to try is playing with each others minds. It is the biggest sex organ after all. Some mind play ideas to think about:


Does the submissive partner enjoy being humiliated. This can cover a very broad range and is something to be discussed together, maybe you would love some derogatory talk, like being called a slut? or being told you are going to be used as a toy for his/her pleasure. To being made to sit in a corner for being a bad boy/girl. To being made to do things that make you feel slightly embarrassed, like being told to masturbate in front of him/or, being told to bend over in front of him/her and being left like that while they just look at you. This can of course be a massive turn on for submissives and push them even deeper into submission. It can be as soft or as extreme (bark like a dog, beg me for your orgasm, call me sir, count your spanks with me, crawl on the floor and fetch me my spanker, no using hands, being peed on) as you wish. Have you considered having Dom/sub names for each other? It can be embarrassing/awkward at first, for example to have to say "Sir/Miss" and to be given a name you have to answer to. "sir is fucktoy/kitten/insert your name here allowed to cum" hehe great for humiliation but adapt to fit ofc


This can either be incredible or annoying depending on the person but it can be a powerful tool in the dominants arsenal. It can be as simple as having to ask permission to cum (and of course if you are the dominant it is your choice to say yes or no) if the answer is no then you hold it (Ask him/her to stop when you are close, until permitted) or it can be used as a punishment or a massive tease. Being denied an orgasm, or pleasure for the day (week, month) while your dominant teases you. or a reward for good behaviour. (Its amazing how being told "no" makes you want something even more. :D ) One idea that pops into my head is being made to ask to cum when you are close and everytime you ask, or have to ask him/her to stop, you get a hard spank and then the pleasure continues...and so on until you are begging and being spanked and spanked...... :D


Of course this is great fun. maybe one of you is the naughty secretary or policeman etc, but at the end of the day you just need to think about what works for you both. It doesnt even need to be the whole 9 yards, dressing up and going into role. It can be as simple and as naughty as talk. being in a different "role" can often give you more confidence to act out your turn ons. Just have a think about what aspects you would love to try in the bedroom and incorporate them into a little roleplay fantasy you could try together.

Erm I think I am done. I hope I have given you some new ideas and I hope you enjoy this new area of sex and sexuality that you are discovering together as much as I do. have fun....thats the main thing.

thank you everyone theres alot of stuff to try isnt there ive ordered a few things and i will enjoy playing around with them ;)

There are some really good games out there for couples :D me and my OH have quite a few, I would say just take a look at the games section and see what suits you best, the dice are always good fun! x