wishlist help

hey everyone as there was nothing on the tv tonight and sadly that my bloke had xmas day at his and that i got some money as gifts, i made my lovehoney wish list now all i need is some help,

is there a way i can sent my boyfriend my wish list? i dont want anyone eles to see but him :P

do u think 15 things is to many things to have on ur wish list? it would have been more but i made myself stop looking lol.

hope u all had a brill xmas aswell


I think you can have it private or limited to only some email addresses and he gets a link tosee it. There are settings in your account and profile. 15 is definitely fine!

15 is great!! Wish lists should be endless Diamonds...I think Imelda is right, the settings are in account and profile, and you should be able to limit it to certain emails I believe...any more wisdom from the OA??


There you go!!...What a star you are Carly ...


Well the others have sanswered your question on privacy, but as for too many items, my current one is about 16/17 items and believe me, when I get time to sit and look properly that number is gonna go up! lol

Me too....although with the sale on i have started to reduce the wish list....and my fella..has been going through and sending me links for stuff he thinks we should us.......its gonna be a busy week when he gets back from the coast!!


thank u everyone for all ur help

just been talking to my bf about new years, were meant to be going out to dinner weve booked the table but weve had a rather shity month so i want to not bother with that and just book a hotel room and spend some time togther just the 2 of us, however ive left it late and they put the prices up on new years eve so looks like no hotel!

so i think il email him my wishlist now and then place an order tonight to tomorra from LH for some fun when we ge home from dinner on new years eve ;)