Evening all,

I’ve shared the link to my public Wishlist, if someone was to purchase from it, do I get notified? I’ve not been on the ‘other side’ of purchasing from a Wishlist. I didn’t share it using the email share function on my Wishlist account.

My partners just concerned that he hasn’t received something via email neither have I…


Hello and welcome @AllGoodFun19 :slightly_smiling_face:

The person buying the item will get all the regular purchase and dispatch emails, not the recipient.

You used to be able to do Secret Gifting using the wishlists (where anybody could anonymously buy you anything from any of your public wishlists), but that was stopped in 2018. Someone would now need to know your address to be able to buy you something.

So, if you shared the wishlist with your partner, and they bought you something using their Lovehoney account, then they’d get all the normal purchase confirmation and dispatch emails, and you’d get a parcel. :slightly_smiling_face:

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weird… as he said it asked for his payment details etc but dispatch just said ‘allgoodfun’

This doesn’t sound like the regular Lovehoney wishlists or order process? Perhaps Customer Care can shed more light on it?

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That sounds weird.

Do you share an account with your partner? Even so, it would still show the name and address both during checkout and in the order details…

If you’ve checked the junk folder in the email address that’s linked to the account and still didn’t find any emails from Lovehoney, I agree with Ian that you should contact CC.

Sounds a bit odd but I’m not sure I understand what’s going on.

The wishlist are just that, a list of products you wish for. If someone else buys an item it would be through their own account sent to an address that they’ve input.